What to use: Fabric cut into a triangle; Injuries to: Hands, eyes, head injuries or when you need to apply pressure Fold the two bandages into a single extended bandage … For more information on how to bandage different areas fo the body, please read our How to bandage a hand and How to put on elbow and knee bandages pages. • The triangular bandage is also used to make tourniquets, to support fractures and dislocat ions, to apply splints, and to form slings. 3. A TRIANGULAR BANDAGE is a piece of clothing material that can be utilized in an emergency. Triangular bandages. Find out how to make an arm sling. A triangular bandage is produced using a strong sort of fabric which has been cut into a right-angle triangle. The bandage can be used in various ways as a sling or for immobilisation of broken bones and soft tissue injuries. Among all the bandages, it is practically is the most readily available since you can convert any clothing material into a triangular bandage in the event of an emergency. A bandage can be … This bandage is folded in triangular shape so that it could be easily adjusted to the affected area especially sling on an elbow, to wrap the ankle; tie on the head or any other parts. Today we kick off a new video series we’ll continue over the coming months called “How to Use Your First Aid Kit” with a quick handy tip on how to use a triangular bandage. Triangular bandages are usually made from a metre square of cotton or calico that is cut in half diagonally. Make an extended cravat bandage by using two triangular bandages (A); place the end of the first triangular bandage along the base of the second one B). Cravat Bandages A triangular bandage may be used open or folded. In the open form as a sling to support an upper body injury. They are tied in place, so the knot can be used to apply pressure to wounds to control bleeding. These are bite-sized videos designed to familiarise you with common items found in first aid kit and how best to use them. Triangular bandages: use these as slings to support a wrist, arm or shoulder injury, and as a bandage and dressing when folded for large wounds. When folded, it is known as a cravat. 2. The triangle can be folded down into a cravat. 3 ways to use a triangular bandage. TRIANGULAR BANDAGE FOR FOOT OR HAND.— This bandage is used to retain large compresses and dressings on the foot or the hand. Broad-fold bandage of the bandage that was applied first Digby Systems, Inc Page 9 of 12 Shoulder or Armpit 1. For the foot: After the compresses are applied, place the foot in the center of a triangular bandage and carry the point over the ends of the toes and over the upper side of the foot to the ankle. Improvised Triangle Bandages: Triangle bandages are useful for certain injuries which would be hard to wrap with other types of bandages. Sling.