Medium #7 Reverse Integer. Then try to generalize the solution to an array with n elements. Study groups can also be effective. I put these questions in Google Spreadsheet. I have seen plenty of people ace technical interviews without doing mock interviews simply by using this strategy. Look for hints Feel free to copy and paste to keep track of the progress. After reading the question, we need to look closely at the examples provided by LeetCode and try to solve the problem using those simple examples. To simulate a more real interview, I periodically solve problems in whiteboard. In the beginning when i started to solve the questions i couldnt even solve the easiest problem in leetcode.I used to google about this problem and the common solution i could find was people asking us try and try for atleast 30mins or more. Medium #6 ZigZag Conversion. 3 min read. Introduction. These problems are also available on LeetCode List. Solving problems on Leetcode or CTCI should be your focus. It is the time for me to test my hard work. In the mean time, I slowly heard from recruiters calls from some companies. Hi my friends and welcome to new article about how to improve your problem solving Skills As Software Engineer. 2. Try and utilize whatever online applications and/or in-person programs you think are worth your time and money. The equation contains only '+', '-' operation, ... All Problems. Initially i tried to follow this approach , even then couldnt solve it or i didnt even the get the basic idea of solving the problem. It came to the end of my intense semester. For example, try to solve the problem with an array of four elements instead of n elements right away. Medium #4 Median of Two Sorted Arrays. Here’s the BST algorithm problem from LeetCode which we’ll tackle with Javascript today: Given an array where elements are sorted in ascending order, convert it to a height balanced BST. Solve a given equation and return the value of x in the form of string "x=#value". Problems are either Easy or Medium. Easy #2 Add Two Numbers. No one can deny that problem solving skill is very crucial for any software engineer because our main job is to solve problem through developing mobile,Web or … Medium #3 Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters. 1 #1 Two Sum. Most of the time, I did Leetcode questions and contests on screen. Hard #5 Longest Palindromic Substring. I don’t believe it’s absolutely necessary. The recruiter round.