Note the recommended angle varies depending on what type of knife you’re sharpening and how sharp you want it but in general you can stick with anywhere from 10-15 degrees for your standard pocket knife. There are some devices you can use to sharpen the knife properly. However, a pocket knife is only as useful as its sharp edge. The angle of the stone will determine how to sharpen a pocket knife razor sharp. The general term for “sharpen” is to give something a keen edge. A steel is a specially made metal rod with a handle. It has a textured surface like an emery board or a fine rasp. Using a whetstone will allow you to sharpen the edge of your blade pretty much anywhere. This article hopes to show you the best way to sharpen a pocket knife. But if you don’t have the sharpening, then you should start off by holding the knife against the stone at a 15° angle. If you are looking for the best way to sharpen a pocket knife then you are going to want to invest in a whetstone. This is why you need to know how to sharpen a pocket knife, whether it is at home or in some far away place. Some of them will merely hone or strop the edge. Also, there are different ways to sharpen a blade depending on what you’ll be using your knife for- whittling, cooking, etc. Tools Needed. The knife term for “sharpen” is a bit more specific. How To Sharpen A Pocket Knife – In Conclusion. This can be a lot of help to anyone in the wild. Before you sharpen a knife with a manual sharpener, try holding up a folded sheet of paper and slicing down through it with the knife. A grinders wheel spins far too fast to properly sharpen a blade. Keeping your multi-tool knife sharp is … Not all of these objects will sharpen a knife in the truest sense of the word. If the knife can’t cut through the paper without stopping, insert it into the “coarse” slot on a manual sharpener. They are also dangerous and hard to control. Pocket knives can cut a lot of things: wood, rope, and more. Dull knives make cutting a difficult chore. Sharpen one side of the blade using rough grit. To sharpen a pocket knife you don’t need much. Conclusion. Keep your knives sharp and ready with a sharpening rod, also known as a steel. It means making a knife sharp by actually removing metal from the blade to form an edge. There is a significant risk when using a bench grinder in attempting to sharpen a blade that you will warp the blade, or just completely ruin the angle. Angle the knife blade about 15 degrees against the rough grit side of your sharpening stone. So unless you plan on cooking world class meals with your pocket knife, you don’t need to sharpen it the same way you would an expensive chef knife.