Falafel waffle: The patty shape has been expanded to a falafel waffle—“fawaffle” (photo #4), shown in the photo with Israeli salad. How to serve falafel. Fourteen years later, the subject of this month’s How to Eat is no longer a tahini riddle wrapped in a pitta enigma. Serve it with a flavored yoghurt, or a dressing of yoghurt and shredded or minced vegetable (for example, shredded cucumber, grated carrot, a pinch of ground cumin and coriander and a bit of sugar.) If you want to really turn falafel into a showpiece for a dinner party, you can do that pretty easily. All those mezze items are great, but they are even better when intermingled in a wrap around some lightly squashed falafel (important to ensure even distribution), so that you get, if not a little bit of everything in each bite, then in every other bite. The falafel wrap is fast food – a quick turnaround, on-the-move meal that never tastes quite as good when sitting down, particularly at home. Or is the classic wrap the only acceptable form of falafel? Street food vendors swear by serving falafels inside a pita pocket, this was their method of making falafels portable. It looks pretty on the plate, but if the idea is that the diner should then create their own wrap, that demands an untenable level of DIY. But what next? Note: the tendency in cafes and bars to serve a falafel mezze on – but not in – a wrap is bizarre. However, immovable as they may be, it is always valuable to point out how terrible they are. Steroid-pumping the falafel up to burger proportions, then encasing it in a thick burger bun, is lunacy. Last modified on Mon 20 Aug 2018 12.24 BST. That is plainly wrong. The falafel salad makes more sense, but given the state of 99% of British salads (over-chilled, mealy chopped tomatoes, a few slivers of bell pepper) the falafel salad is frequently dismal. Cauldron Tofu and Sausages are high in protein, which helps maintain muscle mass. Hot or at least still warm from the fryer, falafel can be sensational: crisp, moist, fluffy and nubbly within, verdant with herbs and heady with spices. We think it can be enjoyed as a snack, for lunch, or even for dinner. Explore. writing about his attempt to sell falafel to drunken ravers in east London, Hot or at least still warm from the fryer, falafel can be sensational. Plus, it is all there in a handily portable format. Making falafel and not sure what sauce to use? Grab more napkins than you are offered, you will need them. That plate has everything: layers of sharpness and savoury depth, a dirty fried edge, carbohydrate heft, freshness. Conversely, if you are meant to enjoy the flatbread with the plates components, it should be served on the side not underneath them. 5. Falafel waffle cone, a savory cone replacing the pita, filled with falafel ingredients, at Alejandro’s Kitchen in Toronto (photo #5) Falafel … Serving falafel in a split pitta is fine but, in the UK, commercial pittas often lack durability, staying power and structural integrity. Falafel is everywhere, from specialist slingers such as London’s Mr Falafel or Manchester’s Go Falafel to the supermarket aisles. What to serve with falafel. Just picture platters overflowing with add-ons, fresh vegetables, and different types of bread and sauces. If you’re stuck for how to serve falafel, this is one of our favorites. Falafel served with pitta, garlicky hummus, sesame-rich, lemony tahini sauce (or a little loosened labneh), with vivid pink pickled turnips, tomatoes, cucumber and shredded red cabbage, brings together a collection of contrasting and complementary flavours, which collectively form a cohesive meal. Company Reg: 1752242 (GB) VAT Reg: GB813 0444 69 Copyright © Marlow Foods Ltd 2020. They begin to fall apart after a few bites. Be it making “falafel” from sweet potato, pumpkin and beetroot, or serving them on toast with avocado, as a “fawaffle” or in lettuce leaves as a low-carb canape, there is a lot going on in the WTF! If your falafel wrap is a good one, you will spend most of the journey dodging the drip-dripping of sauces from its paper/foil-wrapped bottom, so you must maintain a stance (a concave, stooped stance, sandwich held just in front of your face) that How to Eat likes to call “shirt alert”. Pickled vegetables are as sharp-elbowed as you want the flavours to get on this sandwich. The result is a sandwich that, at best, if it has been generously topped with sauces, quickly becomes a sloppy mush and, if it arrives drier, is like chewing your way through a carpet sample.