Slide guitar sounds awesome in styles of music such as blues and country, but it is by no means limited to those styles. Slide guitar is a type of guitar playing where instead of creating notes by pressing the strings against the frets, we create notes by running a slide across the strings. Last, but certainly not least, one of the most distinguishing—and probably most well-known—features of the Delta blues guitar style is the “bottleneck” or slide guitar (which takes its name from the fact that the slide would typically be made from the neck of a wine bottle). Slide Songs Pack. After years of live playing and teaching private lessons to students, I wanted to show the world the lessons I felt would really help them to gain a better understanding of how to go about improvising blues and slide . Mastering the art of playing blues guitar is like taming a large bull; but once you have understood it, you can play almost anything including the ability to p… At the end of the day, just know that it will be on your end, to sound good and develop your own style, don’t think too much about the guitar if you’re a beginner, and don’t … A brilliant all-round blues guitar, the Parlor shape allows for ease of reach, is a great practice guitar for standard and small-handed players alike, an ideal acoustic for beginner guitarists learning blues music, and even a great guitar for learning how to use a slide, this acoustic really does cover every concern of the avid blues guitarist. Burninguitar show you how to play some of the most famous Blues Slide songs. Hd Videos and Music Score included. Dig in with 6 hand picked licks from Andy Aledort’s 30 Beginner Slide Blues Licks You MUST Know.These free online guitar lessons will help demonstrate essential techniques, tunings and concepts that are key components to slide and will help expand your approach to playing blues music. Get Your Slide Songs Pack and learn to play 4 great classics of Acoustic Blues Slide Guitar Repertoire. For this reason, slide guitar is very expressive and has a vocal‐like quality. 4 great classics of Acoustic Blues Slide Guitar Repertoire: I Can’t Be Satisfied (Muddy Waters – Johnny Winter) Because a slide is not actually used to press strings down to the fretboard, but instead glides along top of the strings, it’s possible to play microtones, which are notes that fall between the semitones (between the frets). In this slide guitar lesson, I want to show you how to play an open e tuning slide guitar lick in the style of Derek Trucks. It’s not like you would give him a $5 guitar and he would forget how to play blues all of the sudden. This lesson is in the key of C and is similar to something you would find him playing over Joyful Noise. In 2008 I created this website Learning Guitar Now to show students how to play blues and slide guitar.