With that in mind, I’ll walk you through the major components of your acoustic guitar, and their role in the show! 6th String (thickest) is tuned to E, and is referred to as the low E string. It’s made up of the top, back and sides. Learning how to play acoustic guitar is simpler than electric guitar because we don’t need to worry about amplification. In my latest YMI guide, you will learn the following: Acoustic guitars are a really great place to start – but a word of caution, this hobby is pretty addictive! Inside the red box above you will see the guitar’s ‘headstock’. Take a look on Amazon at the: These guitars range from $200 to $500, and are ideal for most beginner budgets. Your fingers will hurt, frets will buzz and you’ll miss notes in your chords. Learning guitar means learning the notes and combinations of notes that make up chords. You will quickly see which one sounds best! Your fretting hand shouldn’t be bearing any weight. They play a massive role in the overall quality and reliability of a guitar. The majority of barre chords require you to be able to stretch your index finger across the entire width of the fingerboard, and your free fingers fret the other notes. You’ll learn how to play acoustic guitar a lot faster if you put great ‘fundamentals’ in place. Finally, don’t give up! You don’t need to learn sheet music by heart, but at least become familiar with scales and their importance in music. Let’s do it! Check out some of these other helpful guides from this music insider. If there are errors in your posture you will never learn how to play acoustic guitar as well as you’d like. To complement these major chords, you’ll also need to learn these three minor chords. Chords can also be arpeggiated, this is where you pick each note of the chord individually for a bright, clear sound. Do you understand this chordbox image? If not, here’s an article which will help you: How To Read Guitar Chordboxes. The top is the guitar’s soundboard, and it has the biggest influence of all when it comes to the sound your acoustic produces. If you want to learn how to play acoustic guitar it’s a prerequisite that the instrument is secure. , Over 100,000 guitar-learners get our world-class guitar tips & tutorials sent straight to their inbox: Click here to join them. Even if you haven’t bought your first guitar yet, just by reading this post, you’ve started your journey. Once you've mastered the cowboy chords, try and learn some barre chords. Here are some easy and popular songs you can try out today! Look for updates and reviews about all the latest guitar gear from Simon as he shares his knowledge and expertise with you. (Because you’re strumming a ‘group’ of notes at the same time.). All beginners should focus solely on CHORDS. Are you wondering how to play an acoustic guitar? What Is The Difference Between Notes And Chords? Another fundamental chord is the E Minor chord. Playing on a tall stool tends to make your thighs slope downwards and this means the guitar slips away from you while playing. You might find yourself asking, “what are scales?” In a nutshell, scales are a series of notes played in order based on their frequency. Whoever you ask will have an opinion! You’re in the right place. You don’t need to know much about your guitar’s anatomy, but … So, office chairs, any chair with arms, and couches are all out! Good machine heads keep strings in tune even with heavy use – this is known as good tuning stability. He counts Eric Clapton, John Mayer, and B.B. Cowboy chords only require 3 fingers and are all played above the third fret, so they don’t require too much in the way of finger acrobatics and don’t require too much movement to transition between them. Stop struggling. Guitar solos are built around scales, so if you ever see yourself shredding over a band, learn your scales! Think of it like this: Notes are like letters. You’ll also see some keys that can be turned. Some of the most iconic designs in music stem from guitar headstocks, from the Fender Tele and Strat Style, to Gibson’s Open Book. Learn more in this article: How To Tune A Guitar Correctly: A Guide For Beginners. As with notes, there are 7 names for basic chords, A chord through G chord, but each chord has dozens of variants, adding up to a total of 2341 playable chords! Fortunately, there are purpose-built guitar stools on the market, some even have built-in guitar stands. Simon is originally from the UK, and has been playing for over 20 years. Chords can be strummed with your fingers, but I recommend starting with a pick from the beginning. Once you’re set up with a chair, next you need to think about the placement of your guitar, as in, which leg to rest it on. There are a lot of guitar notes on the fretboard and it can be really overwhelming for a beginner. Make sure to place your finger in the middle of the frets, not ON the frets. The easiest way to remember the string names is by using a mnemonic. They’re both awesome. Have a question about music? King as his biggest influences. Want to learn how to play acoustic guitar? In order to play this chord, you need to place your first finger on the 2 nd fret of string A. Ok, this is super important: The Thing You Sit On is vital. In fact, if you read all the way through to the end, I’ve even included a couple of my favorite easy acoustic songs to get started with! Adjusting these is how you keep your guitar in tune. My Final Thoughts On Learning To Play Acoustic Guitar, Top 5 Best Budget Cymbal Packs (2020 Review), Top 5 Best Electronic Cymbals (2020 Review). This helps stop deadened notes and is a crucial part of learning how to play acoustic guitar in a clean and articulate way. If your positioning is right, all it will take to secure the guitar is to simply tuck the body under the elbow of the strumming hand. How Do You Hold An Acoustic Guitar Properly? If you’re not in the market for a new stool, you may have something at home that will work just fine – dining chairs (armless) and bar stools are both ideal. Two most important chords in an acoustic guitar are C and G, and that is the reason these two chords are really useful. Typically they come with a strap, a gig bag, some picks, etc. Both arms should be totally free from obstruction. You don’t need to know much about your guitar’s anatomy, but you do need to know a little. And the most important thing of all is posture. Keep playing, build up those callouses and the areas you struggle with will eventually click. The root is the first, and most often the lowest, note in the chord. Once you’ve got that ax in hand, things will never be the same! © National Guitar Academy Ltd | All Rights Reserved, How To Tune A Guitar Correctly: A Guide For Beginners, Guitar Notes Explained – A Guide For Beginners, Anatomy: The important parts of your guitar that you need to know, How to strum a guitar (AKA ‘how to sound musical’), Melody & harmony: Understanding notes vs chords, 3 easy beginner songs you can play right now, Your knees should be at a 90 degree angle or angled.