I am enthusiastic about learning anything and everything I can to try and take my yearly harvests and learning how to process them myself and to be able to open new doors for marketing and potential employment in my community. Are there any regulation about selling salves and other herby things? Can you suggest a substitute? fluids. , Lucinda’s article is very useful and timely for me. However I found your recipes so good and potent. I have had the WildIndigo blog for some time but now trying to take it seriously and push forward with visibility. Generally simple calendula, comfrey, chamomile and elder leaf infused oils make nice salves, either singly or in combinations. https://whisperingearth.wordpress.com/2010/04/19/herbal-tips-for-aches-and-pains-april-blogparty/. The mixture will thicken into an … In older herbals lard or animal fats were often used and these are enjoying something of a comeback amongst some traditional herbalists but, as a vegetarian, they don’t feature on my radar so I won’t be talking about them here. Such a  small amount will set quickly and will show you how the finished product will be. When melting a number of ingredients, melt the ingredient with the highest Hi Ffalstaf, An Unofficial Ointment Recipe 1. It will help me work out what might have happened. I have been making balms for a while now, this last year I started noticing condensation on my balms, I understand when they are exposed to hot/cold this can happen, any other ideas of why the condensation is there, and the separation at the top? Thanks so much for your herbal Wisdom! This will ensure that the ingredients were exposed to the Salves, ointments, unguents, balms, call them what you will, what all these preparations have in common is they are primarily a semi-solid mix of fatty ingredients such as oils and waxes, usually with no water part at all, though they may contain a small amount of herbal tincture or similar. . and i found that there are condensation on my balms when i reached home to check on it. Happy making. They say a good tattoo artist won’t draw blood but in my experience they usually do! This is my first attempt at making a topically applied healing ointment of sorts to aid in healing. Remove from heat and stir the mixture until it congeals. If you want to include these then stir them in after the other ingredients have been melted and are beginning to cool. I must admit I haven’t tried any recipes with soy wax so can’t be of much help to you. rules might be to add 10% or 3 grams excess to the prescribed amount. I believe it heals the spirit. Good Morning, I’ve just discovered your amazing website, which is just amazing! 2 ml vitamin E Hi Justin, 1 ml essential oils of choice, 57 ml infused oil Or you could add a small amount of a liquid (up to 10%), being sure to blend very thoroughly so it does not separate, which will lighten the overall effect. The possibilities are limitless! yesterday i was at a flea market selling my balms, the weather was pretty hot too. Procedure for Preparation: Melt the stearyl alcohol and white petrolatum on a hot plate. I have been making salves, teas, and other herb things since my childhood, as I have a deep interest in nature and herbs (my profession is nature conservation engineering….). Make your own herbal ointments today! Carnuba is a similar product derived from a Brazilian Palm. Lucinda, I would love to know if you could recommend a salve or balm that would help with chemo pain and discomfort. Spicy oils like ginger and cayenne can be nice for achy joints and warming, aromatic herbs like thyme are nice for chest salves with some essential oils too. I have coconut oil, base oils, glycerina and a garden of medicinal herbs……could you please offer any help? I have enough beeswax in the formula…. Take care. 67 ml infused oil I ordered some shea butter to make your body butter recipe but when i received it , it was soft and grainy. It would depend really on the percentage of alcohol that your tincture had but generally it shouldn’t shorten the shelf life too dramatically if it is well mixed into the salve. Beeswax comes in two varieties, white and yellow but the white is bleached and processed so I never use it, it’s always better to stay as close to nature as possible. Stir the mixture until it begins to congeal. The basic balm recipe will make 100ml so it will depend on the size of your pots. Usually you would still need to melt the butter if you are using something quite solid like cocoa butter though. I usually make about 600ml (so 6 x this recipe) which gives me 10 x 60ml pots. I’ll definitely do a poultice and compresses post, I really enjoy them, though they can be a bit messy and fiddly. I would be tempted to stick to lavender myself but I am always drawn to gentler oils, especially where healing is required as well as the anti-microbial effect. I have one question. Melt the white wax on a hot plate. ( Log Out /  setting. As making salves involves some degree of heat it’s best to use oils that are fairly heat stable, the main ones to avoid are oils like flax seed, evening primrose and borage. Any tips working with grainy shea would be much appreciated. KEEP UP THE WONDERFUL WORK. Have a nice weekend – Rita , Thanks Rita, take care and have a lovely weekend too xx, I like so much to read your blog and to discover your cat’s mindfulness…. as possible. 20 g cacao butter Pour it into a container. what i was wondering is if this would work in lieu of the beeswax and base oils i normally use . If you are worried then stick to a higher percentage tincture such as 45% or above. Deb, Thank you Debbie! Thanks for “liking” my post. However oils I would definitely consider would include lavender for general healing, pain relief, calming and anti-anxiety, rose for anti-inflammatory effects, uplifting qualities and anti-anxiety, chamomile for calming, soothing, anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea and healing, cardamom, anti-nausea and uplifting and frankincense which can help heal the skin. blessings, Laura R. thank you for really great post and blog. im pretty worried about this as my balms are all properly cooled down before capping and sealing with shrink wrap. I made the salve, balm and butter today. Hi Misty, Or you could just infuse into a liquid oil and give it to her as a massage oil rather than a salve. Hi Josh, Can you suggest something for me, please? Melt the oils in the boiler. As I have no herbalist in the area just my oils which I love. Stir briskly and continuously until congealed. Happy experimenting. Some writers use all three terms interchangeably whilst others have separate definitions, many of which contradict those from other sources. It does not rest easy on my shoulders but for some reason I felt the need. Made body butter as per your recipe .It was a simple and easy process, but I think it is too oily . Experimenting is really the only way to find a recipe you are happy with as everyone’s skin is different. Sometimes I find a rich cream can be more effective than a balm for dry skin as it sinks in a bit better. I purchased beeswax and shea butter for my base, to add vit. It might be worth looking at some internal medicine too, again I would check with a local practitioner who can tae a full case study but I would look into herbs like cramp bark or black haw, low doses of lobelia and something anti-inflammatory like ginger. Many thanks. to the boiling point of water which is 100°C. of liquid to body temperature, and put it in the blender along with 1/4 tsp. I used the same ratio of oil to beeswax but it’s a lot greasier and I’m unhappy with it. thank you for your help! in the area of 20 +- 5 Celsius. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. I am playing around with some new ways to making a salve/ointment so it has a better concentration of the original alkaloids. Knitbone, my dear. On Sunday I visited gardens in a local village. Thank you again. According to James Green who wrote The Herbal Medicine Makers Handbook, “a balm is simply a salve that contains a relatively high amount of volatile oils. Snap……when my grand-children are a little older I hope to keep bees. mixture to remain on the hot plate until liquefied. Ideally with butters that can be purchased organic such as Shea Butter or Cacao Butter? Whilst the salve is still liquid, stir in the essential oils, pour into glass jars and cap immediately to stop the volatile oils from evaporating. The packaging container.