You’ll start by warming your goat … If you don't have lemons on hand, white vinegar also can be used to make homemade goat cheese. Acidify and Heat Milk. Line a colander with several layers of cheesecloth. Learning how to make goat cheese is not hard. Let’s get started! Steps on How to Make Goat Cheese with Culture from Scratch. Ladle set milk into colander. The goat cheese should stay fresh in … You want to use four quarts of fresh milk and one quart that is a little older. Follow these simple steps and learn how to make goat cheese at home. Tie the four corners of cheesecloth together; hang on the handle of a wooden spoon set over a deep bowl and let drain until it is the consistency of slightly dry cottage 1. A starter culture can be bought online, as can cheesemaking kits that contain everything you need to make goat cheese. Like many creations in cooking and baking, making homemade goat cheese is a chemical process. By older I mean three to five days old. It will alter the flavor slightly. Start by adding your raw goat milk to the double broiler. Chèvre Goat Cheese.