Growing and Harvesting The best way to keep basil fresh is to cut off the tips of the stems and place them in a glass of water (about 1" deep) and cover the top of the glass loosely with a plastic bag. Helps in Curing Headaches. Growing and harvesting Thai basil leaves in cold climate can be a challenge. Consuming basil leaf extract has been known to cure issues such as headache. Chop the fresh basil roughly with a knife or use a food processor to pulse them. You can usually find Thai basil at a well-stocked grocery store or your local International or Asian market or grocery store. I want to harvest, preserve and use as much of it as possible. The leaves tastes more aniseed than the common basil we get here in supermarkets and in Italian cooking. The basil will keep fresh like this longer if left on the shelf than in the refrigerator where it will quickly turn black. It is only grown during spring and summer season. After chopping the basil, place the basil (roughly a teaspoon) into ice cube trays and cover them with extra-virgin olive oil. It prevents development of bacteria while at the same time helps in curing issues such as foul breath or smell. My garden is overflowing with fragrant Thai basil. You can chop the fresh basil, place it either in the ice tray and cover it with water and freeze it or in a freezer zip-log bag, with 1/4 water fill store the chopped basil and this can last for a year. I was hoping for a few recipes for Asian-inspired pestos and sauces that I could freeze and use all winter. Basil leaves when dried and then grinded into a powder forms a fine paste which is utilised for treatment of numerous oral issues. Finally, you can puree and freeze fresh basil. If you want to use it up in two weeks, the best way to store in the refrigerator is , wash basil and spread it on a dish cloth or paper towel. It’s got a stronger flavor than that of it’s sweet basil cousin with more of an anise flavor. Any suggestions?! As the leaves are the main source of seasoning there is no need to wait till it flowers. Place the ice cube trays into the freezer and allow the oil to freeze completely. Change the water when it begins to get cloudy. Thai basil is a type of basil that originates in Southeast Asia.