Velcro Adjustable Gentle Tomato Plant Ties . Prudac: Production & Research for Urban Decoration And Consumption. Pot-tomato Heartbreaker F1 has delicious heart-shaped snack tomatoes and is one of its kind. Later transplant to a greenhouse or outside to a warm, sheltered spot. As with any indoor plant, use a well-drained planter with a good quality potting soil mix or a soilless medium. Limit one cherry tomato plant per 12- … As is the case with all tomato varieties, ensure the growing medium is persistently moist and don’t be shy to utilize your chosen tomato fertilizer often. Gardeners love it for the unique flavor and size. Instead of the typical red color, the fruits are a pinkish shade. One of the top heirloom tomatoes to consider is the Brandywine. Its new to me I think it came out last year over here it seems to be better than another dwarf one I grow “Sweet and Neat”. Brandywine tomatoes can grow up to 2 pounds each! We serve with a range of patio-pot tomatoes, allium, cauliflower, pepper and viola. Tips for Indoor Cherry Tomatoes. These heirloom tomato plants are indeterminate, so they grow rather large. A moist growing medium is critical and it will help in avoiding cracked fruits and reduce the opportunity for blossom-end rot to become a problem. Our product focus is on innovative plant breeding. No genetic artificial manipulation is in our products. Growing indoor veggies comes with a unique set of challenges, especially during the winter months. We bred GMO free. Sow in seed trays and as soon as they can be handled, prick out in pots or soil blocks. [QUOTE=spannerwiz;371812]Here’s a couple of pictures of a fairly new dwarf tomato called “Heartbreaker” .