The online action RPG has is touted to be the greatest video game launch any Chinese developer has ever seen. Genshin Impact Guide & Walkthrough Wiki Including locations of Radish, where to find 10 Radishes for Marvelous Merchandise Event & where to farm Radish! Once you will get all these items, you will be able to make this amazing item in the game. Learn about Radish Veggie Soup's required ingredients, effects, how to get it (locations), and more! If you, too, are looking for Genshin Impact Radish Location, then you are at the right place. Radish Veggie Soup is a Recipe in Genshin Impact. Refer to the map above if said houses cannot be found. Genshin Impact: How to Get Radishes. But if you want to know where exactly to look, visit the Stone Gate area and to this particular location there (shown below). Another item that can be prepared with Radish is Fried Radish Balls. Read this guide on how to get Radish Veggie Soup Recipe in Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact seems to be the bandwagon everyone is hopping in. There are also some radishes that can be stolen picked up near the lone house south east from the waypoint in Stone Gate. Springvale Image via Genshin Impact. During your exploration, you will find Radish that you can use for cooking. You will have to reach there and then get Radish in the game. Learn where to find it, the cooked Food and its effects, its rarity, and everything you need to know about Radish Veggie Soup here! Furthermore, you need to know the locations and methods to collect this food item. Obtain on the House Near Stone Gate. You will need 3 Flour, 2 Radish, and 1 Pepper. We will guide you with Radish locations and methods to collect them. Radish Veggie Soup - How To Get The Recipe Springvale is close to Dawn Winery — thus, you can explore these two locations together to find Radishes, and surely you will get plenty of them. Refer to the image above if the said area cannot be found. Of all mystical things the game has to offer, Radish is found to be exiguous. One of the quests in Genshin Impact will ask you to deliver 10 Radish to the merchant Liben. Basically, you can find Radishes in Genshin Impact in the wild. So, now you know all Genshin Impact Radish Location. Read this guide on how to get Radish in Genshin Impact. It has over 17 million downloads and garnered about $60 million from just the mobile platform. There are a bunch of carrots and Radish on the vegetable gardens south of the Dawn Winery..