Cleaning – Before you begin styling your hair, your hair should be free of dust and dirt. However, there are plenty of tricks & tips you could use to get curly hair naturally like using a diffuser when blowdrying, applying sea salt spray, towel drying your hair, choosing the right haircut, and not washing your hair too often. The above given products are what you need. Then take the twists out and your hair will be curly. Use rolling pins. Every styling becomes easy when the hair is damp. Styling men’s hair to get curly hair is fairly an easy task at home. How to Get Curly Hair for Men Method 1 . Another common choice among black men is keeping their hair short to look neat, so this taper fade allows you to add that extra touch that will make you look sharper. If your hair is long enough, braid it (or just twist it and tie it with a small band - do that all over your head and make sure the twists are tight), get your hair wet and let it dry naturally, sleep with the twists in, (the more hours you keep them in, the better). RELATED: 18 Sexy Perm Hairstyles for Men . Get ready for a wavy ride. If you’re thinking of getting a new look, here are 10 of the best curly hairstyles for black men! Women have been setting their hair with rag curlers … If you can't afford a salon perm, home perms are a cost-effective alternative. Or: 1. 2. Although most prefer to use curlers or curling rods for perms, you can use household items to achieve different textures. Instead, use a conditioner for moisturizing the scalp and the hair. 1. Get the surfer style- without having to go anywhere near a beach! Curly Taper Fade. To achieve healthy and natural curly locks you will first need to skip the shampoo. Hairstyle Ideas for Black Men With Curly Hair. Credit Surfer Waves. 8. You can use coconut oil or any other product that will keep the hair conditioned and nourished. This will help to combat the dryness of the hair.