After a few weeks of use, some keys of my Zenbook keyboard became unresponsive. You can check it out by simply accessing the BIOS menu. After opening my laptop I noticed the cable was unlocked. The F LOCK key switches between the standard … Fix 3: Reinstall keyboard drivers. DO: Unplug it ASAP . Open Device manager on your Windows laptop, find the Keyboards option, expand the list, and right-click Standard PS/2 Keyboard, followed by … A common belief has been to put wet technology into rice to get rid of the moisture – but you actually should not do that, as it just introduces moist starch particles to the mess. 5 Easy Solutions to Fix Shift Key not Working on Windows computer or Laptop 1) Run the Safe Mode This is a trouble shooting mechanism that you need to take at the first attempt. Here's what you need to do to prevent dead keys or an entirely dead keyboard: DON'T: Put it in rice. The problem that your Acer Aspire laptop's keyboard stops working is possibly caused by the keyboard drivers. Part 2. If shift key not working on windows 10, Switch off your computer or restart it then run it on safe mode. If one or two keys are stuck because of soda spillage, pop the offending key cap off the keyboard and try to clean as much dried liquid from the key switch as … The F LOCK key and the alternate command keys are available on certain keyboard models only, and the types of alternate commands that are available vary depending on the keyboard model. Alternate command keys give the keyboard additional functionality by providing two command modes for the top row of standard F LOCK keys. The first one is to update your keyboard driver. This fix may not work in every scenario and is not guaranteed to work. This guide will show you how to reconnect it. Start or restart your Acer Aspire laptop and keep pressing the F2 key on your keyboard to open the BIOS menu. In my case, it was the vertical key rows.