Fix Windows Media Player won’t Play DVD (Solved) Filed Under: how to, Windows 10. How to fix a No Disc / No CD / No DVD error on your CD or DVD player that won't read discs easily. Reader Interactions. Guides and support for devices that play video from DVDs. But if this is the only disc that this player freezes on, but the disc plays well in other machines, then this could just mean that that particular player just won’t properly play that particular DVD. If a specific disk won't read at all: look for heavy scratches towards the … DVD Player Repair . Test the DVD in at least two different machines or a DVD player and a computer with a DVD drive to make sure it's the disc and not the equipment that is malfunctioning Step 5 Fix scratches on a DVD if it still won't play … Comments. Thanks, after clicking that ‘re-make library’ option it seems to finally download all the info back into windows media player … Replace the DVD Player to Fix a DVD that Skips and Freezes. July 3, 2020 at 1:22 pm. Matti says. Perhaps the skipping, freezing player is simply following outdated standards.