2-3 years and possibly steroids (probably, but its never been 100% confirmed). You can expect workouts to last at least an hour, although most female bodybuilders talk about two hours being the norm. You will not accidentally become a bodybuilder. Learning how to become a bodybuilder is tough, but you have to believe in yourself. Steve Cook? Generally big/shredded? Make Sure to Read the Above Tips as You Learn How to Become a Bodybuilder. You WILL love what you become… What more muscle means to YOU…. With your goals clearly defined, the gym needs to become like a second home; that is, you shouldn’t dread going. How many days you’re in the gym depends on your experience, workout schedule, and availability. As soon as you start lifting weights with the goal of building muscle, you're on track to becoming a bodybuilder. Arnold? It is that simple. Rule Three Enter Contests Another thing you want to consider when making a serious run for the pro ranks is that experience counts. We believe in you so that’s why we’ve provided the above tips. Because excess fat obscures muscular development, an initial part of any bodybuilding plan must be to shed excess fat. With a beginner gym workout, female bodybuilders … 4-8 months. But it really depends on what you define to be a "bodybuilder". Let's face it - a failed bodybuilder without a college degree doesn't have much to fall back on, except a career as a mover or a bouncer. But it will take some time before your gains are noticeable. Your body (mass) takes up less SPACE (Muscle takes up less space than fat pound for pound)5 lbs of muscle and 5 lbs of fat BOTH weigh 5 lbs on the scale BUT the muscle takes up a lot less space than fat. For many, the primary motivation to become a bodybuilder is to improve their appearance by toning the muscles. However, losing stored fat can be a difficult process because, although the body stores energy as fat for emergencies, when the body actually needs that … Once you do that, you just have to start going to … It depends. 5 years and steroids. Massive amounts of steroids, and a shit load of food. With my new hobby in motion and my new lifestyle beginning, I never imagined becoming some “musclebound freak” or some “bodybuilder” flexing his freakishly large muscles on stage in a “speedo.” In the process of getting exposed more and more to the bodybuilding community, I began to slowly change my way of thinking. Becoming a body builder is no easy feat, and eating rubbish to bulk up isn’t the way forward. As a budding Adonis you’ll need to up your daily calorie intake to meet the demands of increased training, with a focus on consuming the correct amount of protein for your individual body weight. Make sure to create a detailed schedule of your different exercises and routines because it’ll give you a guide to stick by. You can expect large gains as a novice but eventually your muscle growth will begin to slow. That is how you become a bodybuilder.