Go out with some female friends and see if they can point out the body language and interest from women. All of which is to say, for unattractive guys like me, the only option is *not* to go for what we want when it comes to women if we’re not willing to be accused of a crime. Let the laughter fade into an exaggerated smile. Women desire bold behavior and a man who displays bravery, and direct sexual desire, especially to a woman who is interested. Why? Thank you for reading my blog about how to attract women. Social proof can be defined by your lifestyle choices, occupation, how you groom yourself, health and fitness, confidence and lack of neediness in your behavior. A sense of independence is hot! Needy behavior will only attract toxic relationships, unfulfilling relationships, and needy women. Start laughing. When it becomes something you’re used to, the nervousness goes away. Remember, when it comes to attracting a woman, it’s not about focusing on her so much that you lose your own sense of self-worth and dignity in the process. Placing a high value on yourself shows the woman that she has something to work for as well. In short Mission Recovery. There is something very attractive about the calm demeanor of a man. I get very lonely sometimes, but there is zero point in trying. Becoming an attractive man to a high-quality woman is about being a man that invests in himself and wears his sense of pride with dignity, with respect for himself and caring for himself, but not in a manipulative or narcissistic way. You want to be someone who does not get irritated very easily. Allah bless you Apollonia. Apollonia. You know who you are and are not pretending to be anyone else. I went out on two dates and made out with a woman all night and she continues to initiate with me and have another date lined up. So when no girl around in a guy's life, it's not normal ! Instead, think about the qualities you have that will impact any woman’s life! it's about strengh and power. The secure guy focuses on her and questions her intentions in terms of what she may be doing or why she may be saying certain things. all this make me powerful against women ! Hi Apollonia - No woman has ever given me the slightest indication she might be interested in me sexually, and I won’t risk being accused of a crime by escalating first. Well, psychology is key. Dan Bacon used to be hopeless with women. If you have not been able to attract women in your life, then chances are you’ve been so needy in your own behavior that you’ve consciously or subconsciously decided to remain alone. Make sure you really get to know what this woman is all about before you give her all of you. Happy you enjoyed it. That's a good suggestion. Apollonia. Thank you so much Apollonia. I understand everything !! I can offer you insight that no man can really know or understand since I’m a woman myself! Best, NEEDINESS, Thinking that life is better with this one specific woman, even if she does not want you. I have never known any woman to desire me, even once in my life. No text, no calls, nothing! After one month of dating I walked away and applying no contact. – but no matter what anyone (counsellors, therapists, coaches, etc. NEEDINESS, Understanding if a woman never called you back then she was not the right one anyway. So what i usually do is focus on having fun with girls. But to put any of your great tips – here or elsewhere – into practice, a guy has to actually be able to visualize the possibility of success with a woman in the first place. If you have to force it and fake it a little at first, don’t sweat it; It works just as well either way. But as a very introverted (and shy) guy with literally zero experience approaching women I find attractive / dating, etc., I never act sexual in public – no matter how attractive I find a woman. I never express my sexual interest to any woman - even those I find very attractive - because they would likely be offended that someone like me could see them that way. Hi Apollonia - I’m a very shy, quiet and introverted man. Stand in front of the mirror and recall something funny. Check the corners of your eyes. :) I would also suggest the Master your Confidence seminar After that, can anyone be surprised that so many guys have thrown in the sponge and have therefore given the middle finger to the myth of approaching and dating? NEEDINESS, Stalking her social media accounts and then asking her about these things later or asking her about other men. I have several woman friends, but with literally every one, I'm by default in what you've elsewhere called the "emotional friend zone". A lot of times, men think it’s more complicated than it really is, but it’s actually quite simple! there are over 3.5 billion women in the world. 10 kinds of self-confidence that attract women 1. So happy to have you in our community. Exercise and eat right, take care of your health and hygiene.