What type of theatrical fabric should I use for my theatre drapery? Generally, Proscenium Theatre curtains are made of velour. Fullness is additional fabric that is added to a curtain by means of incorporating it into box pleats. Valdosta (back) / Cotton - 25 oz. Velour can be either synthetic or cotton and is available in a variety of different weights. How do I store my theatrical drapery when they are not in use? Get your answers by asking now. Typically, the curtains are hung on tracks to be opened and closed when appropriate. Charisma (main) and 20 oz. Your artwork or image can be printed on a variety of different fabrics including muslin, canvas, vinyl, scrim, and velour. Most curtains can be lined if desired; however, you will typically find that main curtains and valances are lined to give the drapery a finished look. http://www.automaticdevices.com/installinstructions.cfm. See below for all bottom finishes. Typically bottom hems for cycloramas that are going to be hung from track are finished with either a 6" bottom hem, or a 4" bottom hem. A metal rod or lightweight traveler can be used to carry the curtain, which can either have rings sewn permanently to the cloth or hooks which slip into the rings on the rod or traveler. I am hanging my cyclorama from track. The bottom hems are usually sewn with weight tape or a chain pocket, but can also be left unweighted. There are no products to list in this category. Installing Crosswater Stone resin shower tray ? I am hanging my cyclorama from pipe. The swags that form when stage curtains What are my bottom finish options? This additional fabric (fullness) gives the curtain additional depth, sound absorption, and light absorption As an example, "50% fullness" means that … Muslin, Canvas, Scrim (great for lighting effects like reveals), and economical black fabrics like Valdosta, Commando and Marvel. To view our full line of theatrical fabrics, please click here. Fasten or pin them together temporarily. Or just put them in bed before sleeping? What do the abbreviations NFR, FR, DFR, and IFR stand for? The front curtain, also called house curtain, act curtain, grand drape, main drape, main curtain, proscenium curtain, main rag or, in the UK, tabs, hangs downstage, just behind the proscenium arch. What file formats do you accept when providing artwork for a printed backdrop? What are my bottom finish options? Memorable (main) and 21 oz. What are my top finish options? Marvel (main) and 16 oz. However, several other theatrical fabrics are sometimes substituted on the masking (or cyc) stage draperies. How to use electric blankets? Masking curtains are most often made of velour as well. I am hanging my stage curtain from pipe. If replacing both the lower kitchen cabinets & flooring, does the flooring go all the way to the wall with the cabinets on top.....? Valdosta (main) and 15 oz. Life on the stage is over when the drapes close and the swags fall free. Marvel (back), Budget Polyester - 22 oz. It's the two mechanisms on either side that do matter. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Window curtains and draperies are usually lined for sun protection and additional opacity. what is the best storage medium for storing game installers. Online Pipe and Drape Quote > Click here or call us at 800-211-8217. I don't know how big the box is or what it's made of but I believe you're speaking of curtains or drapes that are mounted on a traverse rod. What are my bottom finish options? Linings can be either permanently sewn onto the main curtain, or be removable with hook and loop. Fasten one end of the rope at the bottom right of the proscenium, run the rope through the screw eye B at the top and tie it to the second ring of the left curtain so it will overlap. What types of fabrics do you use for printed backdrops? What are the individual types of theatre curtains, and how are they used? 0 0 Still have questions? Click here or call us at 800-211-8217. Stage curtains add color, style and function to theaters large and small. What is fullness? If you have a Home Depot or store like that available near you, simply go and buy the smallest traverse rod there is. What are my top finish options? Determining the weight of the theatrical fabric that is best for your venue would depend on a variety of factors including: aesthetics, sound absorption, light blockage, environmental factors, and budget. Lining also protects the curtain from damage caused by moving scenery and other objects which may snag the fabric. For advice on the best way to finish your cyc, please contact us. Get a quote > Know exactly what you want? (Note: the screw eyes are all placed above and to the outside of the placement of the curtain rod.). I am hanging my cyclorama from pipe. Do I want fullness for my stage drapery? http://www.automaticdevices.com/installinstructions.cfm. Choose rich colors that work in the space and heavy fabrics with a Do you decorate for Christmas before, on, or after Thanksgiving ? The curtains open slowly, swooping up from the center as they draw, revealing the stage, waiting for the players. Please contact us for a recommendation based on your venue or needs. 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Carry the rope back through screw eye C at the top right of the proscenium. Typically, cotton fabrics are lined with denim or Ranger lining, while IFR fabrics are lined with polyester. Take a length of rope long enough to reach from the bottom of your curtain on the right(bottom right of the proscenium arch) through screw eye B to screw eye A and back again. What are my top finish options? Should my theatrical drapery and window draperies be lined? Typically, bottom hems are finished with a standard flat bottom hem, usually 6" for floor length curtains, and 3" for non-floor length curtains. Valdosta (back) / Cotton - 21 oz. To rig such a curtain, hang the two parts of the curtain on the rod and close it, making sure the curtains meet in the center. Put a screw eye(A) on the top left of the proscenium arch and two screw eyes on the top right--one(B) above and to the left of the other(C) by an inch or so. What are my top finish options? Okay, for a traveler--they usually consist of two curtains which part horizontally. Sleep with them on? How long does a blow-in insulation (exterior walls) take for a small place? The bottom hems are usually supplied with weight tape or a chain pocket, but can also be unweighted. See below for all bottom finishes. I am hanging my cyclorama from track. The curtain is pulled across from right to left or left to right. We recommend delivering your artwork in native Illustrator (.ai), Photoshop (.psd), Adobe PDF (.pdf) or hi-res JPG. I need a tent for my cold bed. Complete installation instructions for all of our stage curtain track can be viewed and printed from the following link: I recently purchased some curtain track, and I misplaced the installation instructions. Otherwise, please see our recommendations below: Premium Polyester - 25 oz. Which one is the best? Please contact us for size and image resolution requirements for your individual project. It is typically opened and closed during performances to reveal or conceal the stage and scenery from the audience. Have no idea what you need?