You link up with the Holy Spirit. By Makko Musagara . i heard it's a powerful prayer to say. Our Father who art in heaven, You acknowledge God that He is your Father; You link up with God the Father. As I am typing this blog, I am using a template, a pre-arranged plan. should we not use it all the time? The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic is the equivalent of the Gayatri Mantra in the west. This prayer is called THE ROYAL PRAYER by David Sorensen, the designer of this stunning christian poster. The Lord’s Prayer may look simple but it has 33 benefits as shown below. I ask our heavenly Father to bless and provide for me and Kristi, and each one of our children and their families. You link up with Jesus Christ. It rightfully offers back to God what is an integral part of Him. You can always “ pray without ceasing,” but in order to build a strong day-to-day prayer life, you need a template. The Lord’s prayer is a reminder to me that even though God is high and exalted, he is also intimately involved in the little details of our lives. Lords Prayer 33 benefits . The Lord’s prayer is a “Model Prayer.” It is not simpl You greet your Father in Heaven. Get creative and write down this powerful prayer. Prayer needs a template. God will talk to you. Instead of rushing through this prayer (especially if it is a prayer you have known for many years), take the time to write out some of your praises and prayers of supplication. Unknown to the masses, The Lords Prayer is an ancient spiritual practice and actually contain the blueprint for rapid spiritual development. The power of sound has a transformative effect, and when the prayer is spoken in the ancient Aramaic language, one unlocks the energetic essence of the pure and powerful words that Jesus spoke when he recited those words. i say it at night befor i got to bed. Oftentimes when we sit down and take the time to write something down, we can process it more slowly and deeply. Jesus Christ gave us the most powerful prayer there is, in the heavens and on earth: the prayer that establishes the KINGDOM of God on earth. The Lords Prayer is one of the most popular prayers of the World.