i agree with JW choosing priestood is esacape plan...also his hobby was photography but after seeing lost patient smily faces he abandoned that nd now its marathon.. its kind of him not able give proper closure to things that being resulted him emotionally exhausted. It wasn’t until Jung-won came and explained the same ideas in a simpler manner that Gyu-wool realized what she did wrong and learned where she could improve. However, both the guardians and the patient don’t make it into a big deal, and the patient even asks Song-hwa not to scold the intern too much. I can really tell how much you love this show, as the comments section keep getting longer @lovepark. It is 12 ? Enjoy reading your thoughts on this! Am already sad that we only have 3 more episodes this season.. How 3 episodes? It has "1200" on it plus "79" I think - I can't see anything else. She tells him that she hasn't changed her mind. Not being romantically involved doesn’t make a relationship less strong or amazing, and I’m so happy to see the show hammer this point again and again each episode with the five friends. I also think it's his first time experiencing these feelings so he's like in an internal battle. Some were giddily anticipating, and some met the prospect of a 'mystery' with an eye roll...but when the 1st episode dropped, we all dove in scavenging for clues for the possible mystery. In the hall, Ik-joon runs up to Song-hwa and asks if she’ll be late to practice. of the shipping) I think that this drama is treading towards her growth as a doctor and a person. I wonder how chaotic everything will be this week. And the last scenes of him visiting Ik-soon, that's such a realistic and heartwarming portrayal of the brother-sister relationship :). Back in Ik-joon’s office, Chi-hong tells him that his sister dated a guy for five years, and though she didn’t want to get married, her boyfriend did so she eventually changed her mind for him. She's about to make some major life changing decisions and hearing her oppa's got her back must have been so meaningful at this point in time. In her case, it's not. I hope the main cast fr S1 will be the same for next season. Ik-joon tells him that the regulations don’t allow the father to donate, and in all honesty, Ik-joon didn’t have much hope, either. Take the drug-addicted patient case as an example, when she dealt with him bluntly, Ik-Joon defense on her behalf stating he didn't think she did anything wrong. . hahaha. Oh yes, Jo Jung Seok as "Earnest Bot" in The King 2 Hearts was very memorable. Joon-wan admits that it’s still a shame that Seok-hyung won’t inherit his father’s company, but Seok-hyung refuses to accept it anyways. *Loorved SH and JW's little jazz number in SH's mom's hospital room. I think he doesn't allow the possibility because he is unwilling or scared to jeopardize his dream of going into the Priesthood. I was so hoping the mystery guy was Min ah's blind date set up but seeing how casually he talked to her and how uncomfortable she looked with JW listening to that convo and then IJ's bringing him up as her BF, I guess we are not there yet! I love watch these two bickering like school kids! But I certainly would not call him timid. I feel the same, Jo Jung Seok's most memorable character for me isn't his role as main character (not even his chef role in Oh My Ghost) but his supporting role in King's 2 Heart as a timid bodyguard. window.googletag.pubads().addEventListener('slotOnload', function(event) { I have actually been in the situation where ones goals change (exactly the way you described it) and yes in that case you aren't really mentally prepared to take up sth else because that's what you've known about yourself. }; It has been mentioned that he was adored by the ladies all though college and nothing ever came to be and In jook stated in a conversation with him and Joon wan that Jung won is a virgin. Whether his patient is doing better or worst, he got affected easily. Thus, if Ik-joon isn’t the end game, it doesn’t make their relationship pointless because their friendship is already beautiful. But now I really like him as Lee Ik Jun and I will be remembering him for a looong time. The recaps are really late for HP don know why }); Nurse Song tells Ik-joon that it’s raining, and he smiles before running off. He hands her some money to use as allowance, and Ik-soon bursts into tears. He suggests waiting for a brain-dead donor, and the father seems to accept Ik-joon’s recommendation. He even told her that had anything like this happen again, she should go with her (same) judgment. We are one of the world’s fastest growing What whaaaat??" Ratings: 9.0/10 from 20 users. Jung-Won is a very emotional person. When I saw them I used to think, "uh-oh, someone's getting in trouble.." but when the same lines were used on the actual episode, I ended up saying, "Ah, that's it?" To think she's a brilliant brain doctor , AAAhhh I'm so happy i was not the only one reminded of Heartstrings. }); Laced with her feelings for him, he is someone she always look at, and now becomes someone look up to, especially when it comes to doctoring. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), Forgetting that you shouldn't eat raw red meat when tempte with said possibility. It is still refreshing to see objective and unbiased POVs. I was confused, skeptical, mildly irritated... then on a casual rewatch one Wednesday evening, noticed little clues and hints sprinkled throughout the previous episodes, and I just felt pure appreciation on how much of a treat this show is. , Another favorite is Ik Jun and Ik Sun, somehow their scene has made me remembering my own siblings. Anyways, other small details I loved in this ep: In addition he may also feel like he is betraying God in some way if he chooses to fully realize his feelings, which is its own battle. I hope we see some ships sailing before this season ends . He hasn't revealed his relationship to his friends and has, in fact, kept their relationship a secret all this while. Agree.. he first has to find out what his true calling is. Though Joon-wan is confused about his confession, Ik-joon kicks him out since Chi-hong is here to talk. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page Besides a few successful couples, the romance department is currently filled with one-sided crushes (mainly by our residents).