Jung-won thanks his friends for coming to the funeral and apologizes for keeping his family a secret. So I'm delighted to discover this wonderful new world. Apr 24, 2020 - Our favorite writing/PD team is back and creating a new drama set in a Hospital. Dr. Bong arrives at the ER to find Dr. Kwon sitting in a bed and wearing a sling. The bessttt. I loved this show and from you by now get more about the intricacies of the Korean medical system. Thanks for the clarification. Jung-won’s oldest brother calls him over and asks him why he isn’t picking up his phone. As soon as the lights are on, Song-hwa notices the dust and cobwebs strewn over the furniture, and Seok-hyung explains that the house has been empty for years. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); It's my first time seeing Jeon Mi-do and apparently JJS and YYS recommended her when they got the script, on separate occasions according to Shin PD. HAHAHA Doesn't ths helmet itself prevents hair scalp germ? If you watch sageuks, you'll see that mourning weeds were made of coarsely-woven hemp fiber, which is light beige. Given the difficulty of the surgery, Song-hwa babysits Ik-joon’s son Woo-joo and wakes up in the wee hours of the morning when her department head calls: “The chairman has passed.” At the funeral, Chairman Hwang gives his condolences to Rosa and sheds a few tears, clearly heartbroken. He knew how much work she put in and understood what it meant for a doctor to tell the patient the good news. She leaves behind the food she packed for him while Jong-soo continues sleeping, unaware of the guest that visited. Each time, his eldest brother gave the same advice: just one more year. It's also nice to see my worst expectation being thwarted again and again. While I really liked the five friends introduced this episode, my favorite part was how the show subverted expectations related to hospital dramas and completely played up the hospital politics to only throw them out the window. (As a surgeon myself, it's even more heartwarming, to not see the hospital politics being played out.) I honestly can watch these group of friends bicker, hang out and be doctors for 24hours! Afterwards, the oldest and youngest head outside, and following his mom’s advice, the youngest calls Chairman Hwang but can’t reach him. TVN’s latest drama, Hospital Playlist, just landed on Netflix today which follows the life of 5 doctors who have been friends since college. As he informs Jong-soo of his decision, he asks for one thing in return: a portion of the profits from the VIP ward. Haha. I am familiar with be Western religious customs so I find this fascinating. Lastly, there’s Song-hwa who’s adorable. . Subscription (sub) Cast & Credits. I totally loved the first episode, I watched all 16 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and it somehow has the same vibe. They cared, the patients affected them in many different ways, and they aren't effortless geniuses who produce miracles daily nor they corrupted doctors whose only concern was power and money. Diawali dengan Song Hwa dan Seok Hyeong tiba di rumah mereka. Afterwards, he runs into Joon-wan in the elevators and teases him about his cancelled date. Her words bring Jung-won to tears, and he continues crying long after she’s left. I totally enjoyed the introduction to the doctors, their history, and their work. And yep. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page He orders a resident to call for funds, but the confused resident has no clue who to contact. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); (I can't get over how many actors I do recognize.) Just realized this. After introducing themselves, Ik-joon said that they should be thankful no one else was coming. He is not Jeong-Won; he is Professor Jang, Song Hwa’s boyfriend. This is a story about a group of friends who stumble across each other one fateful evening, and though they may all be different, their shared bond and memories hold them together for decades. Hmm however in the contract-signing scene, the conditions highlighted are that Gritting her teeth, she begins to sing, and the others can barely play along as she sings off-key and screeches to hit the high notes. Then a year before that, Jung-won experienced another low and vowed to quit. He reminds me of Choi Dae-chul in that regard. I've always liked Doldam Hospital's shade of turquoise (or is it teal?!). The director asks if they know the late chairman’s youngest son, and Joon-wan claims to be his best friend. To be fair we were torn over whether it was Professor Jang or Jeong-Won so thank you for clearing that debate up! JKH's character is interesting in this sense. The siblings being priests and nuns? Ik Noon's entrance will continue to have me rolling on the floor, and in a way admire him for having done a liver transplant with the helmet on (it would never have been allowed, but the extenuating circumstances allowed him that liberty), and I love the fact that he's a dad. Last updated on Juni 4, 2020 4 min read. He immediately walks up to his mom—his face hidden from the viewer—and wraps her in a hug. ;-). They have to do the surgeries that Party A assigns The others immediately whip out their pens, ready to sign without reading further… all except for Seok-hyung. Say hello to Hepato-Billary-Pancreatic Surgeon LEE IK-JOON (Jo Jung-seok). Dang! As luck would have it, a couple of other students were hanging out near the entrance, barring their exit, so the two friends went to a nearby storage room to hide, instead. With tears in her eyes, she apologizes for making her daughter experience so much pain and finally lets her go. While Seok-hyung tries to pry his hand away, the other electrician asks why his companion feels so cold, and all eyes turn to Seok-hyung for answers. The episode ends with Jun-Wan ending things with his girlfriend.