position, but it could be hazardous when taking precision shots or going around added factor of a large group of people watching? Run home or go to a close by neighbor that you know might be home. A shotgun might be great for defending a static Is it realistic to reliably clear all of them when moving towards a threat? I watched him to see what he was going to do before I got out of my car. Laws can vary by stress. To develop these skills, a certain level of training is necessary. Doorways are called “fatal funnels” for a reason. Scenario 1 – You are pulling into your driveway and entering the garage so you can unload the groceries you just bought. The stress of any potentially dangerous encounter While this can be a useful principle to avoid conflict and bodily harm to either yourself or the aggressor, it’s not always practical. If you have shot and killed or injured your means that any round you discharge could penetrate several walls and kill a Some states require What now? During a home invasion, you will likely need to home and find an unknown person in your dwelling, you now must respond. prove vital in justifying your actions to investigators. Where are my family members located? It’s imperative you pay close attention to your surroundings at all times and make mindful choices to stay safe. temporary memory loss, and tunnel vision associated with a violent encounter, For me in this situation, it was safer to just leave. For example, if an unarmed intruder sees a homeowner and is shot while running away, is that a justifiable use of deadly force? In addition, chokepoints force multiple adversaries to go through the same area, thereby reducing their numerical superiority. Home Breaking News The Home Invasion Dilemma — Discussion & Scenarios. Install a security system. tight hallways and doors. Scenario 3 – You are jogging in your neighborhood and you notice a car seems to be following you. However, if you’re at home, you may already presume that someone unlawfully entering your house is a threat. You also won’t have the ability to put any action in place if you are caught off guard. homeowners do not have a duty to retreat and are not required to attempt to Run home or go to a close by neighbor that you know might be home. If you are distracted, this makes your vulnerable to an attack. Complete Guide to DIY Home Security Set-Up, 10 Top Tips on How to Prevent Lock Bumping, Home Security Strategies to Keep your Family Safe. The police will also instantly be notified by the alarm company, ensuring a rapid response without you having to call right away. injured or killed. Can they get to an exit, or are they capable of barricading or hiding themselves? What if you are in another area of the house when If you see someone either driving or walking that you think is following you, then you must take certain precautions. When I came back to pick up my son I stopped at a convenient store close to where he has practice. focus may narrow, you may suffer auditory exclusion (inability to register what In this case, the criminal might then try to break into your home if he thinks you are not there. I would not do option A only for the reason that some burglars knock to see if anyone is home before breaking-in. If someone is trying to kidnap you to take you to a different location, the odds of you surviving are small. practice giving clear and concise orders to your family. will help determine your strategy for defending parts of your home. Is there a phone or a weapon nearby? She survived but it was a very bad 24 hours for her. useful as well in order to save energy and draw attention to whatever tripped Make sure door is locked and ask the man through the video doorbell or yell through the door to ask them what they want. Scenario 5 – There is a van or big SUV parked next to you in the grocery store parking lot at night. You can use a video doorbell camera to talk with them or yell through the locked door to ask who they are and what they want. Having a plan is the position of maximum tactical advantage. Where are your entrances? Every day we see new articles circulated, tips, tricks, and the latest security hardware that can give you an edge against would-be home invaders. do immediately, and whether they should run, hide, or fight. How fast and accurately can you shoot? state, but here we’re going to analyze California law. intruder, or have sustained injuries yourself, you may be in a state of shock. While these will not stop a determined adversary, breaking through them will take additional time and will produce additional noise. In a life or death scenario, targets will not different for every homeowner, depending on where they live, who they live According to the Department of Justice, an estimated 3.7 Then that threat retreats into another room. How often do you practice with it? While it is impossible to formulate the perfect plan—since the potential scenarios are practically limitless — you should consider adding deterrents to your home in order to prevent a home invasion, and think about how you would respond to a threat should it arise. Just being present in where you are and aware of the people around you can be an important self-defense tactic. Home Defense Academy is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Get back in car and lock your doors then back out closing the garage door. You need to pay attention to what is going on in your surroundings. If you are in a bad situation with someone threatening you or your family, do you have to fight back or can you escape? Do you have firearms You must try to escape and run away from anyone trying to take you to a second location. For example, let’s say you yell at or engage the threat from a position of cover. to be “reasonably proportionate” is highly circumstantial. Around 26% of home invasions (266,650) are violent, which means that a violent home invasion occurs every two minutes. may even affect your judgement. plate numbers of strange cars and being watchful of a neighbor’s house when he I think we all know not to do option B. We will put your plan to the test against live role-players so that successes and learn from your failures. Dogs can also strongly deter potential burglars from invading your home altogether, and may be your first line of defense in the event of an attack. We can look at 10 scenarios and this could one day help you be better prepared for bad situations.