You will find far less four chord song writing with hip hop than you do with other genres like pop. Another four chord progression that is pretty popular with producers is the IV-V-Vi-III. Don’t forget that you can use inversions of that chord and you are not changing the chord itself, but just the inversion of it. Let’s start with the idea that you only need one chord for an entire You’ll find that sometimes just being as simplistic as possible is not a bad approach to songwriting! 7 Cthulhu Presets; Over 98 Chords Listen to this example by Lizzo “Truth Hurts” to see how this one works out. This is a chord progression that lots of producers seem to like to use right now, because it works! Breakpack 1: The 4 Chord; Breakpack 1: The 4-1 Progression; Breakpack 2: Major Chords and Major Scales; Breakpack 2: Minor Chords and Minor Scales You’ll hear a piano loop, with different instruments added throughout that keep the melody fresh, but just the one Eb minor chord! While this is only 2 chords, millions of beats have been made with this simple chord... I/Vi- 2 Chords (C Major to a minor). 0032 Trap Synth Chord Progression. One of the most favorite chords of all musicians in the hip-hop genre has to be the C Major. Take a single chord, most likely you’ll want to stick with a minor key, and create a melody to loop using that chord. If writing some hip hop beats appeals to you, we’ve got some easy chord progressions coming up to get you started in the right direction. In the key of D Major those chords would be GMajor (GBD) AMajor (AC#E), Bm (BDF#) and then F#Major. You may have listened to countless hip hop tracks and not even realized that they are entirely composed of just one chord. Let’s look at the chords in the key of Em here. Another classic one chord song, again in Eb minor is Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode”. One four chord progression that has emerged and is used quite a bit in hip hop lately is the I-IV-I-Vi progression. Then you’d move to the V chord of D minor which is A Major (AC#E) and from there to the I chord which is D minor (DFA). Today, hip hop is one of the world’s most popular music genres. (F#A#C#) This last chord should actually be F#minor, but the A# (which makes this chord major) is thrown in for a little different flavor. By my experience, The best scale was the blues scale in case of making a lead ! We designed these presets for Hip Hop and R&B music, but of course, they can be used for a variety of other genres as well! So in the key of C Major that would be C Major (CEG) to A minor ACE. Best Chord Progressions for Hip Hop. D minor has the key signature of one flat (Bb). Chord Progression Style This section is the most fun! Choosing the chords you’ll use and arranging them into satisfying progressions is one the most important jobs when writing a song. Unlike pop music, hip hop isn’t particularly known for it’s chord progressions. Often in hip hop melodies will be looped over drums losing the common chord progression advantage that you get with pop music. I is Em (EGB), IV is Am (ACE), I is Em again and Vi would be CM (CEG). The single chord throughout the whole song is Eb minor. Part Hip-Hop, part EDM, part Dubstep, Trap is a gigantically popular genre across the globe. Today hip hop is one of the world’s most popular music genres. Here you will hear a looped guitar just using the one chord. While its sound maybe comprised of disparate influences, and its topic, mood and emotion may vary wildly, there are some general characteristics to be found in most examples of Trap music. You can write an entire track by using just only chord. Here you can pick the movement of the chord progression. This gives us the idea that some beats just sound better if you use minimal chords. We made sure each preset contains great chord progressions that will inspire you to create new beats. If one chord sounds a bit monotonous to you, you can always move to a two chord progression. R&B / Soul or even blues chord progressions tend to have a lot more tension than other genres of music. You do this by having a looped melody that is built around one solitary chord throughout the whole song. The Minors of 2-5-1 Progression. Learn how to write the best chord progressions for Hip-Hop, today! The tunes can be on C-E-G-C or you across the scales of 1, 3, and 5 primarily. If we are in the key of C, the blues scale is: C-Eb-F-Gb-G-Bb-C. Interesting chord progressions can play a huge role in your LoFi Hip Hop song structure. Experiment with this combination of chords and see how you like them. Mix that up, with any of the progressions that are above and you’ll be satisfied promised. three chord category. song. Jazz Chord Progressions. Try this yourself. Yes! If you listen to and study a lot of hip hop songs you’ll notice that there are a lot less songs using the four-chord progressions than there are in more traditional pop music.