Subscribe Herbert Marcuse — German Philosopher born on July 18, 1898, died on July 29, 1979 Herbert Marcuse was a German-American philosopher, sociologist, and political theorist, associated with the Frankfurt School of critical theory. Herbert Marcuse (July 19, 1898 – July 29, 1979) was a prominent German-American philosopher and sociologist of the Frankfurt School. This was the value that kept him awake at night, helping him to pen some of his most interesting reflections. This philosopher of German origin had “a great obsession” that’s reflected in most of his writings: freedom. Born: July 19, 1898. Herbert Marcuse Quotes: The web of domination has become the web of Reason itself, and this society is fatally entangled in it. Links. Nationality: German. Read Herbert Marcuse biography. Died: July 29, 1979. Herbert Marcuse Quotes. Herbert Marcuse. Author Profession: Philosopher. However, the recognition of this state of Being — its theory — intends from the beginning a concrete practice. July 19, 1898 – July 29, 1979. Free Daily Quotes. — Herbert Marcuse “ The functional language is a radically anti-historical language: operational rationality has little room and little use for historical reason. Biography. “ The people are led to find in the productive apparatus the effective agent of thought and action to which their personal thought and action can and must be surrendered. Herbert Marcuse Quotes. Herbert Marcuse and his sayings have transcended time. Marcuse Herbert quotes Dialectical thought understands the critical tension between “is” and “ought” first as an ontological condition, pertaining to the structure of Being itself. Find on Amazon: Herbert Marcuse. -- Herbert Marcuse #Unconscious #Superego #Conscience “the society which projects and undertakes the technological transformation of nature alters the base of domination by gradually replacing personal dependence (of the slave on the master, the serf on the lord of the manor, the lord on the donor of the fief, etc.)