Romance-promoting red peonies, on the other hand, symbolize passion and desire (via Fengshuied). To learn more, we asked Cerrano to share some tried-and-true strategies for improving the energy of a bedroom. If you're looking to encourage passion or to strengthen emotional relationships, opt for jasmine or peonies. Many times you can read in magazines that Pets are good for Feng Shui. Back in 1995, Donald Trump employed a feng shui master. And nine, finally, will bring you all-around good luck (via The Spruce and My Domaine). Jade's soft, rounded shapes also promote good fortune, according to Clever. In addition to contributing vigorous protective energies to your house environment, aloe is a powerful air cleanser and works against bad luck in general, according to Clever. Balancing this with wood elements — in this case, houseplants — helps harmonize your home's energy. Some even place it above the kitchen cabinets or in those neglected corners. When we bring plants in the house, they serve many purposes besides adding to the aesthetics quotient. Houzz, on the other hand, recommends that you put aloe vera on your windowsills, in such a way that their thorny spines can act as protective barriers. Love to Know suggests that the elegant plant is a great addition to your home office space, helping to correct energy imbalances. It is a tall plant so it looks great in smaller homes as well. Peace lilies may be a perfect plant for you if you're working from home. Attracting wealth and known for bringing prosperity, the money plant is one of the very famous Feng Shui plants you can have. It is known to bring in a vibrant energy and acts as a protector besides known for its air-purifying properties. Looking for a plant that will nourish positive energy, freshen the air, and neutralize the allergens that might be floating around inside your home? Select three stalks if you want to promote happiness. Seven will reinforces family bonds and good health. Where should you put it? Eight is good for inspiring wealth. Bamboo symbolizes good fortune and positive energies, making it your multi-purpose feng shui plant. Don't Miss: Buy These Feng Shui Gifts For Luck & Love. Western, modern living spaces are mostly filled with metal elements. And when Pun Yin stepped into Trump International Hotel & Tower to consult for a renovation, she felt such bad energy that she told Trump, "we're not going to do this project with you unless you follow us completely" (via The Guardian). Flower Power Daily, on the other hand, recommends you put them in the bathroom. Feng shui statue. The sword-like plants are said to serve as a protector. Hedgehog Aloe. Philodendron. They are meant to be kept near the front door of your house or a large window and do well at the office place as well. This plant is quite the same as the snake plant with succulent and pointed leaves. The principles of feng shui dictate that you arrange your house according to the "bagua," an energy map helping to harmonize nine parts of your life: wealth and prosperity, fame and reputation, relationships, family and physical health, spiritual health and well-being, children and creativity, knowledge and personal growth, career, and travel and connections (via Bloomscape). Made from resin with airbrushed color details, measures 3 inches L. (PN 8391) Our Animal Statue Collection features a variety of beautiful … It is said to bring in calm and relaxing vibes along with lots of positivity. She notes that as buds open, you may find that "the right person reaches out" (via Flower Power Daily). Ficus The hotel's interior is dotted with plants. They are amazing for air purification as well. This website uses cookie or similar technologies, to enhance your browsing experience If you can't get your hands on a money tree, you can opt for jade. These plants bring in vibrancy and channel focussed energy to the space. It’s best placed in … Where should you place your bamboo? Doing so will strengthen healing energies. My Domaine recommends that you place an aloe vera plant in your bathroom space. Feng Shui Directions According to Feng Shui masters, if you sleep, sit or work by facing your lucky directions, and make your front door face those auspicious directions, you would be blessed with good luck in attracting more money, achieving success in career, health condition, personal relationship or personal development. This is an air-purifying plant known as ficus which is well known for the well being of the home it is in and especially when it is placed in the east area of your home. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more on Feng Shui tips. So here are some plants that are known for bringing good energy into the house. However, never place them in your kid's room or the bedroom. When placed at a south-facing window, jasmine, with its soothing scent, can help strengthen romantic feelings (via Clever). I always wondered what people understand with Feng Shui and Pets. Or, perhaps, you're looking to foster good health or prosperity? A feng shui expert with offices in both NYC and LA, Laura Cerrano received her certification under the guidance of her mother and mentor, Certified Feng Shui Master, Carole Provenzale, in 2000. There's no one place that you absolutely should put bamboo in your home, although Marianne Gordon suggests that the center of your house might be appropriate. That's not likely to be a mistake. They have proven to be useful for our cooking when we are making certain recipes or for beauty purposes when we need to prepare fresh face or hair packs. The philosophy of feng shui is a way to look at how to live in harmony with the principles of the natural world. In that case, Bloomscape suggests placing a money tree in the southwest area of your home. Love … This plant is quite the same as the snake plant with succulent and pointed leaves. Here Are 5 Healthy Reasons To Switch To H... Place these plants in your home for bringing in the much needed positive energy, as Under the principles of feng shui, what kind of plant you choose for your home and where you decide to place that plant can directly contribute to the kind of energy or positive change that you're trying to nourish. Feng shui expert Marianne Gordon told My Domaine that humans "are wired to feel at ease in the company of nature." Peace lilies should be placed in low-light, cool environments. According to feng shui consultant Karen Rauch Carter, plants can also "revive tired, weak, or lifeless spaces," and promote positive personal change and growth. If you want to open up your own flow of fabulous energy throughout your home and life in simple, powerful ways, Say hello to Feng Shui 101. and provide personalised recommendations. Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design. Don't Miss: Place The Feng Shui Dragon The Right Way In Your House, Office To Bring Luck, Love & Prosperity. If your jade plant is flowering, on the other hand, that's a sign of strong and healthy friendships.