The grass will often reward you with a further harvest. I also replaced the damp paper towel when needed. {{gwi:111343}} DO NOT SEAL THE BAG COMPLETELY. Once you have the seed out of the pit, wet a paper towel. 6. Place the seeds of your choice on the damp paper towel. Germination time will depend on air temperature and the mango’s ripe ness when the seed was extracted. Then move them to a bright light area. Then, put the paper towel with seeds inside the plastic bag and blow up the bag. I would not recommend more than two per bag. Check the wheat berries daily and remove the paper towel when you see green sprouting from the seeds. 6) Put the wrapped seed in a sandwich/ snack Ziploc bag. I removed the skin from both the avocado pits and the mango seeds, before wrapping them with the damp paper towel. I started both my mangoes and avocados by wrapping them in a damp paper towel and placing in a ziplock baggie. Depending on your prospect planting area you can add more or fewer seeds. Once you wring out all the water from the paper towel, open it carefully in order to avoid any tears. 7) Place the sealed Ziploc bag by the kitchen window. If you have more than one put them side by side. 7. Seeds will sprout in soil or you can also germinate mango seed in paper towel in a plastic bag. Place the seed and paper towel inside a sandwich bag, and s tore the seed in a warm place. Proceed to lay down the towel on a flat surface. Then I Took A Paper Towel, Wet It Not Soggy. Add the seeds you wish to germinate at the center of the paper towel. Date The Bag & Name Of The Seed Inside. Cut if off just above the root and juice it. Monitor the seed’s pr o gress every few days, watching for sprouts. The mango fruit you buy in a grocery store was likely produced from a hybrid, so seed obtained from a store-bought fruit won't grow the same tree and is likely to be sterile (unable to bear fruit). 8. Put the seed on one half of the paper towel and fold the rest on top of it. DO NOT LET THE PAPER TOWEL DRY OUT. Wrap the seed in the wet paper towel like figure 4. Wrap the seed in the paper towel. Placed The Seed That's Wrapped In The Paper Towel Place Into A Zip Loc Bag. Then set the bag near a window. Wrapped The Actual Seed In The Wet Paper Towel. Place In A Dark Cabinet Check The Seed & The Paper Towel Every 2-3 Days. Sprinkle water on the seeds twice a day and wait six to eight days before you harvest the wheat grass. And spray it wet again, if necessary. Now I have two Mango seedlings, and 5 avocado seedlings. 8) Check the paper towel every two to three days to make sure it is still wet and moist.