It is pale grey above with fine mottling, a whitish forehead and eyebrow and a strongly barred white tail. Also has dark grey bill, legs, and feet. The Grey Plover is a medium-sized, long-legged plover, with a large head and large dark eyes, and a heavy black bill. One of the wonderful features of Flight Lines is the way that it turns names into characters. Large head and strong bill also add other differences. It is greyer and chunkier than other plovers. Each year thousands … It is the only one to have a … The black axillaries only visible in flight, allow identifying this bird outside breeding season. Upperparts pale grey and white with black spotting and barring on back, wings, crown, and tail. Grey Plover is the largest of these birds. Two Grey Plover shorebirds that spent their summer fattening up north-west of Adelaide have recently been tracked in China on their way to their northern breeding grounds in the Arctic.. Follow our shorebirds' journey from the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary to the Arctic. The Grey Plover colour-ringed by Pavel was spotted by David Melville, who has done a great deal to fill gaps in knowledge about the vast flocks of waders that use the Yellow Sea, including significant numbers of passage Grey Plover. Andrew is a journalist who wanted to follow the trial of the flight path of a small, unassuming bird known as the Grey Plover. The underparts are whitish grey with diagnostic black wing-pits in flight. Underparts white with black on face, throat, breast, and belly. Grey Plover: Pigeon-sized shorebird. Grey Plover is also named Black-bellied Plover. White wing stripe visible in fast, direct flight.