In fact, the goodies locked in our delicious healthy raw fruits, vegetables and grains are much more accessible to our bodies (once cooked) sometimes. Berries have pretty much staked claim to the left half of the largest shelf in my fridge because I can never pick just one variety, so I’ve had a smattering stocked at all times for the past few weeks for snacking and topping and there may have even been some jam making. Wow I got going there, but seriously Natalie these are GENIUS and I’m super excited to try some of these more uncommon combos – though now I’m sure they’ll be much more popular! Author: Natalie. I used about 1/2 of a medium sweet potato for one smoothie, but the cubes will last in the freezer for a while. Blend until thick and ice cream like. Prep Time: 5 minutes. I’ve been sticking to berries and citrus in small amounts because that’s what keeps my stomach happy. Optional: 2-3 medjool dates or 1 tbsp maple syrup to sweeten. 1 cup frozen pineapple chunks 1 cup coconut milk 1 cup packed baby spinach Optional I went through a similar experience I think just from over-doing them for a while, and honestly grew to LOVE banana-free smoothie bowls possibly more! I love all of these different varieties and the fact that they are all banana-free. And then hot. Pineapple is pretty strong and sweet, so I bet it masks it pretty well. Blend peanuts and berries in your handblender “bucket” with the milk and water until creamy. Woohoo that sounds delicious!! If I’m out of acai I often run out of ideas for a raspberry or blueberry bowl!!! Each of these smoothies is a template – a combo of ingredients that texturally works. I know you’ve been exploring banana-free smoothies for awhile now… and I love everything that I’ve been seeing. Hi there! Thank you so much for this “banana free” smoothie. I’m late to the party, but I was really thrilled finding these as almost all smoothies include bananas. My stomach is cool with them too, we talked it out. And frozen wild blueberries for purpleness….and flavor too of course. . Handful of peanuts, roasted (about 1/5-1/4 cup). You can always add more liquid to the mix if you prefer a sippable consistency, but personally the closer to the froyo end of the spectrum the better in my opinion. Good luck and happy blending! Best breakfast ever, seriously. I’m Natalie, the recipe creator around here sharing simple snacks and treats that are secretly healthy under their sweet dessert disguises! My blender will definitely appreciate the lack of frozen banana’s ;). Loved the video too…gets me all happy seeing all of those beautiful colors in action! And then I remembered why frozen fruit-based beverages are so good. And these smoothies don’t turn brown before your eyes from oxidation either, so that’s a lovely little perk. I will always choose the “thick enough to warrant a spoon” anytime. Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie Recipes & Guide, « Lose weight with a desk job: How to get fit when you’re sitting ALL DAY LONG, Workout Plan For Beginners #2: Great Workouts You Can Do Sitting ». It is practically screaming summer out of my computer screen, lol! Too many creamy ingredients → it’s not reminiscent enough of ice cream. Vibrant, creamy, and thick enough to deserve a spoon – skip the bananas and blend up these frosty fruity lower-sugar smoothie bowls instead! Although somehow I’m guessing that’s a very very apocalyptic-level rare occasion Banana-based blending or not, definitely try the cashew butter addition–it’s so dreamy! Sounds like Chia seeds and sweet potato are my answers! Without a doubt. Have a splendid day! Thanks for making my life a little easier! Coconut shavings are good for you in very little amounts because they have a very high-fat content. I know bananas are great thickeners in smoothies, but dangit, they should all be named with banana in the title because it overpowers every flavor! Bummer about the avocado, but the sweet potato one will work still. I’m big on using sweet potatoes in baking and raw desserts, so I’m all over that one. Your email address will not be published. Perfect for pairing with chocolate toppings! Hey pour that luscious mango milkshake of yours in a bowl and it can round out this smoothie bowl rainbow perfectly Yes this was definitely the product of a little bit of weekend working, I must admit…we’ll see if this week has another post or not haha! Non-dairy milk. And since then I have made the blueberry one with walnut and hemp milk too. Girl the color of these is SO ON POINT. Frozen sweet potato! I use bananas so much in smoothies that it’s actually nice to have an alternative…and those COLORS!!! strawberry cheesecake smoothie bowl with no bananas. I’ve tried to make the blueberry vanilla bowl but it never comes out thick as ice cream. That purple one has become my go-to summer sweet treat, and I’ve been working on some banana-free date smoothies too! The days of multi-banana, blender-filled-to-the-brim smoothies are a many months ago memory for me at this point, and I wasn’t even missing them. A banana-free smoothie made with lots of juicy blueberries, sweet vanilla bean, and creamy cashew butter. Light coconut milk for the green. Top with blueberries and hemp seeds. I am so happy you guys enjoyed it! I almost called the this post 3 Banana-Free Smoothies, but then I realized not everyone interprets the word smoothie to mean thick enough to warrant a bowl + spoon and support a hefty load of toppings without letting even a single hemp seed drown. It’s very smooth but I can never achieve the thick ice cream like consistency and I follow the recipe to the letter. Happy Tuesday, my dear lady bird. ❤️ ❤️ But I knew it would be because I packed in lots of favorite ingredients. I love fruit but my stomach doesn’t seem to love it as much as my tastebuds do , I know what you mean, my stomach/tastbuds disagree on that too. Place acai puree, berries, banana, milk, vanilla, and maple syrup into a high powdered blender. My daughter keeps asking me for a smoothie bowl but most recipes have banana and then that is all we taste in the smoothie. Also, do you know if these would freeze well, like popsicles? It adds great creamy texture and you can’t taste it underneath pineapple. Green smoothies used to be my daily jam. I’m also with you…love eating my smoothies rather than drinking them, especially since the toppings stay afloat.