Supereece. Hello, I am building a Warlock with Pact of the Blade and Thirsting Blade evocation (Extra Attack with Pack Weapon) and I was wondering how it interacts with the Green-Flame Blade cantrip. Introduced in the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, the green-flame blade and booming blade spells pose a number of questions, because they each do something unusual: require you to make a melee attack with a weapon as part of the spell’s casting. 2. 5th Edition. Extra Attack/TWF vs Booming/Green-Flame Blade . This means that these cantrips do not require you to take the Attack action, they require you to take the Cast a Spell action. 1 year ago. 5th Edition. Archived. Close. The only ways I can recall that currently exist to get extra attacks with Greenflame Blade is to cast a Bonus Action spell that attacks and then cast Greenflame Blade or to be an Eldritch Knight with War Magic who can cast Greenflame Blade and then as a Bonus Action make a single melee weapon attack as a follow up. 1. Can an attack of opportunity be modified by the Green Flame Blade? Also; this is a thought exercise first and foremost. Booming Blade/Green Flame Blade and extra attack #1 Aug 25, 2018. So I've been looking at the College of Swords Bard for this, but it also applies to a Valor Bard and even Rogues I think. Green-Flame Blade and Extra Attacks. I am the DM at my table and can houserule this if I wanted. Can Green Flame Blade modify the Horde Breaker attack? Can you use green-flame blade and booming blade with Extra Attack, opportunity attacks, Sneak Attack, and other weapon attack options? Green-Flame Blade and Extra Attacks . u/DJDaring. Just for clarity, this is about the Druid spell Flame Blade (PHB p242), not Green Flame-Blade. I wanted to clear these issues up before making a case to my DM to incorporate the Sword Coast spells. Close. Green-flame blade adds your spellcasting ability modifier to the second-target damage (so most likely 1d8+4 at 5th level) and booming blade does an extra 1d8 (scaling normally; 2d8 to 5th level) if the target moves within one round. Extra Attack/TWF vs Booming/Green-Flame Blade. View User Profile View Posts Send Message Prestidigitator; Join Date: 2/22/2018 Posts: 25 Member Details; you can probably already guess what i'm about to ask from the title but, If i take the option to use either Booming Blade or Green-Flame Blade on my turn, do i get the extra attack as well … Both Booming Blade and Green Flame Blade say the following: As part of the action used to cast this spell, you must make a melee attack with a weapon against one creature within the spell's range. Posted by. Archived. Reply. 5th Edition. 2 thoughts on “ Does the extra attack allow you to cast Green Flame Blade and make the second attack? ” Leland Wilson says: Can a monk/sorcerer use Green flame blade with unarmed attack? Supereece. The Horde Breaker Ranger class feature does not qualify the extra attack made to a creature within 5 ft of you as a reaction, bonus, or attack of opportunity. 5th Edition. Posted by 2 years ago. This is not about getting permission; this is about exploring an exploit of the specific wording of the RAW.