If … Grape-Harvest Basket. Pm me if you have one or know where to get one :) 4 comments. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Again, the Grape Harvest Festival will reportedly begin in September with the Grape-Harvest Basket being an item you can purchase from the "Seasonal" section of your Nook Shopping app for 800 Bells. While many of us think of fall as the time for pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween, and feasting, it's also the last chance for farmers to harvest their crops before the world is blanketed in ice and the fields turn to snow—at least in the northern hemisphere. In September, the game will celebrate the “Grape Harvest Festival,” which will have Grape-Harvest basket … The Grape-Harvest Basket can be obtained from Nook Shopping during the month the Grape Harvest Festival occurs for 800 Bells. Wicker Grape Harvest Basket with Leather Straps SKU: 032. As long, it is not poison ive plant. Including the baskets, you decorated with flowes and vegetables. Grape Harvest Basket is a big item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Factory Aluminium Latex Glove Mold. Give Your Town A Kickstart With Our Cheap Bells & Nook Miles Tickets - Or Browse Our Clothes Catalog For A New Look! All products and services come with our 100% Money Back Guarantee! Hello miss fossillady. 1 Hour Delivery During … I can make it from other trees. Thank you for teaching the making of the basket. It is marvelous how you create the vine grapes baskets. Description; Wicker Grape Harvest Basket with Leather Straps. Sort by. It is a pretty backpack in the shape of a little basket or barrel with grapes inside. Find great deals on eBay for grape harvest basket. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Grape-Harvest Basket Furniture, Materials, Tools And Clothing For Sale At Playerverse! Shop with confidence. More from this collection. I am sure. The new grape-harvest basket accessory is now available for a limited time in Nook's Shopping Catalog. Does anyone have one of these, I've seen people wearing them and I think they're so cute. Looking For. share. They are beautiful. The Grape-Harvest Basket is a bag item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons introduced in the 1.4.0 Summer Update Wave 2.. Personalize your character with our selection of wearable items. If you ordered during our store hours (check out our front page for our store hours), expect to pick up your items within 15-30 minutes. You are a genius. I like your hub. Share 0 Tweet 0 Pin it 0 Fancy +1. Home › Wicker Grape Harvest Basket with Leather Straps. Dimensions 40"H x 21"W x 11"D. Share this Product. It's worth noting that nothing has been explicitly confirmed by Nintendo in regards to grapes coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons and a start time to the Grape Harvest Festival. It was introduced in the 1.4.0 Summer Update Wave 2. save hide report.