I used to age parts with acid over a three day period - now instantaneous and actually "cleaner!" Gotoh In-Tune Relic Bridge for Tele 8 Reviews Gotoh In-Tune Relic Bridge for Tele Item # 5069-R In stock, ready to ship! Gotoh deluxe 6 saddle replacement bridge for Fender Tele®. For use with a Tele bridge pickup and through-body string attachment. SKU: 362605782438 Brand: Gotoh. Wilkinson 52.5mm (2-1/16 inch) 6 Saddles Modern Telecaster Bridge for American Standard Tele … We offer pickguards to fit. We're very sorry to hear the intonation screws stripped out on this bridge and it did not meet your expectations. If a product fails to work as intended in your shop, we'll take back the product and replace or refund. Gotoh's compensated saddles have solved this problem without changing the look of this classic bridge. $89.99 Gotoh GTC-Art-03 In-Tune engraved brass bridge for Telecaster in chrome finish with brass saddles. Just really disappointed in the quality of the screws. It is difficult to achieve lower action on flat top guitar bodies (Strat®, Tele®, etc.) Mounting screws included. This is a heavier bridge with a solid brass baseplate and allen-adjustable brass saddles. The improved version of the classic Fender Strat Bridge, The most consistent, top quality Strat® replacement body on the market today. Looks old but plays in tune! Gotoh's In-Tune saddles have unique grooves molded into them which move each string's point of contact for more exact intonation than traditional barrel saddles. The second telecaster bridge on our list is a genuine Fender … NOTICE: Please turn on Javascript in your browser to enable Checkout and other features of this website. GOTOH GUT Co., Ltd. began manufacturing stringed instrument parts in 1960 and is the only domestic machine head manufacturer in Japan. NOTICE: We will be performing scheduled maintenance on our website on. The intonation adjustment screws can easily strip. Bought this to upgrade the FSR Ash Tele bridge because of intonation issues and palm bleeding due to the high screws sticking out. One stripped out almost immediately (fortunately the intonation wasn’t too far off) and the other two screws are about to be completely stripped out as well. Gotoh hardware, Gotoh Humbucker Tele Bridge, Chrome, THB1C Custom Guitar and Bass Necks and Bodies, Pickups, Bridges, Tuners, and Pickguards at Warmoth - The Original Custom Guitar Shop! We offer pickguards to fit. The angle of the connection to the barrel saddles increases the tension on the screw as you adjust them backwards, so take care when intonation. MEMBERSHIP IS NOW AVAILABLE IN FINLAND! Bridge plate measures 3-1/8"W x 4"L. Strings through body. $58.70. NOTICE: The Pacific Northwest is currently experiencing extreme weather conditions. FREE Shipping with StewMAX is now available! We're very sorry to hear the intonation screws stripped out on this bridge and it did not meet your expectations. when using this bridge. Built-in compensation Looks great, sounds great. The intonation is great, the sustain problem I was having on the high-E on the old bridge seems to be gone. Fender's most popular pick shape in different materials. All rights reserved. Adjust the saddle height with a 1.5mm Allen wrench. * Symmetrical design works for both right handed and left handed bodies. NEW Gotoh Engraved BRIDGE for Fender Telecaster Tele Chrome, Brass TB-5132-010. Copyright © 2020 Warmoth Guitar Products. This bridge features a stamped steel baseplate and is designed for string mounting through the body. I bought this to replace my MIM 6 Saddle Telecaster bridge. $99.99. Telecaster Chrome Bridge w/Compensated Brass Saddles & Cut-Down Sides for Fender Tele Guitar 4.9 out of 5 stars 23. We are sending out replacement intonation screws right away! We use cookies on our website to make sure you get the best experience. Can't wait to finish and start the next. Otherwise this is a really good deal on a great sounding and cool looking bridge assembly. Are you sure you wish to clear All items from your cart? 09 FREE Shipping Only 19 left in stock - order soon. Buy one now and you won't regret it! About This Item. The saddle spacing on this bridge matches Fender vintage specs. The string spread is 2-1/16" (52.4mm). Sold out TB-5126 Vintage-style Short Bridge for Telecaster® $38.00 Short steel bridge for Tele® Nickel, tilt compensated brass saddles, 2-3/16" string spacing. Thanks. Mastery Bridge / TELE Mastery Bridgeに交換すれば、これまでのブリッジとは違い、激しいプレイでも弦がサドルから外れてしまうことがなく、さらにギター全体を生かした美しい響きのある音色を実現します。フェンダーのヴィンテージモデル(4点止めブリッジ)に対応。 Stamped-steel baseplate and brass saddles with relic-chrome finish. On the plus side it sounds really great. Building a Barncaster and it's looking awesome! Installation note: Replacing a modern Fender American Standard Tele bridge with a Traditional Bridge for Tele will require additional drilling. Product Details. 2 and 1/8 inch string spacing. If you continue without changing your settings, you're agreeing to receive all cookies on the StewMac website. Fender American Series Tele Bridge. However, we may be unable to answer the phones. Orders can be placed on the website as usual. Therefore, this bridge is only recommended for carved top bodies. Shipping: Calculated at checkout : Quantity: Product Description. Gotoh's In-Tune saddles fit any vintage-style Tele bridge - each saddle is reversible and can be used in any position Set of 3 includes steel intonation screws and springs New (3) from $29.99 + $4.66 Shipping Gotoh's compensated saddles have solved this problem without changing the look of this classic bridge. I have no buzz due to the bridge and the string spacing is good. A beefier version of the traditional Tele ® bridge, featuring six completely adjustable saddles for string height, radius, and intonation. Looks old but plays in tune! The strings pass through the bridge to anchor in the back of the guitar body. The strings pass through the bridge to anchor in the back of the guitar body. This bridge is OK.Intonation is very good.Tone is about right for an ashtray bridge.But...The intonation adjustment screws are crap and are almost completely stripped at the head (Philips-head) after only a few adjustments.They are also quite hard to turn when the strings are tuned to pitch.The saddles also have too much side-to-side space between them (not ideal for best tone) and you'll have to be careful to make sure your strings line up with your fretboard and/or your pole pieces.Frankly, I got better results in the past from the cheaper ashtray tuner Stew-Mac also sells plus the compensated saddles they sell, i.e.