These typical examples show how other businesses have managed risks. Examples of types of static racking are described in Section 3.2. My landlord had the windows in our rental replaced. Glass and hard plastic risk assessment Glass and hard plastic control procedure New equipment assessment and risk reduction ... Picture: Sample Glass and Hard Plastic Audit Record In the sample above you will note the scope of the record usually required. The Risks to Hair Salon Workers: Dermatitis. Trivial 1. The item, its location Minor Injury RR = Risk Rating 1. Do you want to open this document in online editor? For further information on Macros and "Padlock" please refer to the Help section. Risk assessment template (Open Document Format) (.odt) Example risk assessments. You will be asked what you want to do with the file. Risks ought to be deliberately recognized and explored to guarantee those things, exercises, circumstances, forms, and so forth that reason damage to individuals or property are controlled. e.g. Parking is a real issue and traffic wardens keen to fine.Can’t always plan weeks ahead n get permits from the council. Once you have completed your Window Fitting or Glazing Risk Assessment Form you should transfer the information in the ‘further controls/action’ column into your Action Plan so that you can monitor who has carried out the works and when. Once you have purchased access to the Health and Safety Document Folder click on the “Download Document” button below. Once you have hand-written your site task risk assessment form for window fitting or glazing you may wish to revisit this electronic version to input your data. Have Your Electrical Items Been PAT Tested? If you wish to enter more than 5 hazards on the form then right-click in an empty space within the bottom row and select the ‘Insert’ option. We have considered the various hazards your employees and anyone else will be exposed to on a regular basis and have given some control measures that you may already have in place, along with our suggestions of those you may wish to implement. Simply-Docs uses cookies to ensure that you get the best experience on our website. Share Your Story, Join the Discussion or Seek Advice.. It is recommended that you save the document to a location of your choice prior to viewing. From glass ornament makers to bottling plants, glass has the potential to cause serious injury if it is handled incorrectly and it can inflict severe cuts and other serious injuries. The window people laid down the old windows in the driveway on top of a tarp and smashed them before removing them. One approach to guarantee that all dangers are assessed similarly is to utilize a risk assessment form. Regulation 14 required that every window or any kind of other transparent surface contained within the workplace – whether it be a door, partition, gate etc., should either be made of safety materials, protected against the possibility of breakage or be clearly signed or marked to make it apparent to those who came into contact with it. I've emailed the agent to get them to come back to clean it up but my concern is that they did this in the first place. We suggest that you print off a copy of the blank risk assessment form located in this folder and manually write in your findings; the hazards you have identified and the controls you have and will need. With regards to the health and safety of working with glass, most of the legislation deals with issues relating to glass in windows and doors in workplaces and the work of glaziers and installers, although anybody who works with glass, no matter what their occupation, will be required to at least adhere to the legislation laid out in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. However, this directive only applies in cases where there may be a risk of people suffering an accident or injury by coming into direct contact with the glass or as a result of it breaking by some other means as Regulation 14 only specifies that these additional precautions must be taken “where necessary for reasons of health and safety.” Therefore, a full risk assessment is vital. A Guide to Working With VDUs - Visual Display Units. The template can be unlocked by clicking on the "Padlock" icon on the tool bar. To help you with this process you may find it useful to read our Guidance Notes - How to do a Risk Assessment. All macros are virus free. Statements, Policies, Risk Assessment Forms and much more. These are only our suggestions – you may find that your particular site or location needs different answers, and these forms allow you to fill them in as you need. You will be given a variety of options, please select the ‘insert rows below’ option and a new row should appear below the current one. This site task risk assessment form for works involved in the fitting or replacing of single or double glazed windows or doors and sealed units or for removing or replacing broken glass in existing windows will allow you to assess the risks to your employees while carrying out this task.