Mabli Meaning: Welsh name for lovable. This has Hawaiian origin and means ‘calm as still waters’. Tulley is another alternative for your little one in this Gaelic origin name. It also can be used as a nickname in Hebrew with religious significance. You can think of you son extending an olive branch to his opponents from a position of strength. This lovely name means ‘peace’, or calm’ and gives a star value to your son as he grows up. It can also be used as a short name for other longer ones containing Frid. If you are looking for a slightly unusual name, then go for this. A soft and lovely Hebrew name with an equally lovely meaning. You can also use Serena which is made extremely famous by the Williams sisters. This is derived from the Greek Goddess Eirine who is a symbol of peace, wealth and abundance. This has a Czech origin. This might of German origin meaning ‘merciful’. It means ‘tranquillity’, ‘light’ or ‘splendour’. This has a Chinese origin. This short name is supposed to be derived from Greek Helen meaning ‘shining light’. It means ‘peaceful’ in Hindi and is popular. This looks good for your cute baby boy. This name shot into more prominence after the power couple Brangelina named a son Pax, meaning ‘peaceful’. This has an Indian origin. This means ‘calm’, ‘clarity’, or ‘light’ and has Greek, Russian and Slavic origin. We present to you a list of baby girl names meaning ‘peace’. Amadea is a strong and musical feminine form of Amadeus, as in Mozart. This name is used in English speaking countries and Spain. It is of German origin, also used as a nickname for Frederica. Max, which is often short for Maximus or Maximilian, means "greatest," or … All rights reserved. Some may use it for baby girls also. Full of cultural… Kazu means ‘harmony or peace’. Along with Rhys and Amora, other names that mean love in the US Top 1000 include David, Esme, Jedidiah, Lennon, Mila, Philip, and Esme. A lovely short name with its origins in Egypt. A soft and lovely Hebrew name with an equally lovely meaning. Uma is a powerful Hindu Goddess, wife of Shiva. 40 Baby Names That Mean 'Strength' for Little Fighters. Pronounced... Read More, The name Aimee is a girl's name . Maitea Meaning: Spanish name for love. This is a masculine derivative of the baby girl name ‘Clementine’, meaning ‘merciful or mild’. This cute sounding name means ‘peaceful ruler’ signifying an attitude of service to people. Oliver meaning ‘Olive tree’ conveys a peaceful gesture. It means ‘peaceful’. This sweet 4 letter word for your little one in Arabic it means ‘female ruler’ and in Sanskrit, ‘ocean’. Worried About Your Child’s Health? 80 Most Popular Korean Baby Names for Girls, 80 Geeky And Nerdy Names for Girl and Boy Babies, What Your Body Temperature Tells You About Your Health. It is a popular baby girl name. It means ‘my father is peace’. In the old testament, Jemima is one of the three daughters of Job. It can also be spelt ‘Clemente’. The names are based on the preferences of the young couples after analysing various sources. It is of German origin. This is of Hebrew origin and means ‘dove’. This is of Greek origin and means ‘peace’. This calm baby name can be used both as a given name or a surname. You can choose this slightly offbeat name for its uniqueness. It is of Old English or Welsh origin. As lightly unique masculine Zulu name derived from Uxolo meaning ‘peace and goodwill’. This is a popular name among the Punjabi community, and elsewhere. It is derived from Shalom, meaning ‘peace’. This is an alternative short name for Shulamit and of Hebrew origin. It means ‘peace’, ‘calm’. In Hebrew, Uma means ‘nation’. This popular baby girl name conveys ‘peace’, like extending an olive branch to others to win them over. It is derived from the Greek name Galene. This 5 letter name is of Germanic origin. Gertrude - Another German option, this also means "spear of strength." Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. The name with an ‘x’ in the middle conveying a calm disposition is used more like a surname. Alternative to Galen meaning ‘peace’, this name is a good choice for parents looking for a word with this meaning. The name conveys that the baby would grow into a man who enjoys and promotes peace. This has a Roman origin, being the Roman Goddess of peace. It means ‘peace’ from Frid. This sweet short name means ‘wise, knowledgeable, all-knowing’ connects with everyone. It is derived from the Sanskrit “rav” which means music and peace. This ancient name is climbing the popularity charts in the last few years. A related word is Ivana. This is of Hawaiian origin and means ‘calm or serene’. It means ‘peace’ ‘level’. This lovely sounding short and sweet name means ‘knowledge, wisdom’ and conveys an image of a confident mature knowledgeable young girl. It is a place in ancient Egypt which was a peaceful heavenly paradise during the rule of Osiris. This peaceful baby name can be used if you are looking for a unique name for your cute baby girl. Casimir means ‘proclamation of peace’. Girl names that mean love. One of the few names starting with Z, this cute baby girl name means ‘peace’ in Arabic. Stella means star. Naima means ‘calm, peace, or belonging to no one’. It has a biblical connection with the name of an ancient city. This is a cute name parent can choose from their lovely little one. This conveys an image of a strong girl.