Growth . There are hundreds of economic, political and social indicators of development, ranging from 'Hard' economic indicators such as Gross National Income (and all its variations), to various poverty and economic inequality indicators, to the Sustainable Development Goals, which focus much more on social indicators of development such as education and health, all the way down… For your geography examination, you will need to understand why some countries are more developed than others. Geography Development Indicators. Indicators of social and economic Development - Geography / Earth Science - Economic Geography - Essay 2018 - ebook 2.99 € - GRIN Choose from 500 different sets of geography development indicators flashcards on Quizlet. Development means change and it implies change for the better. The … Learn geography development indicators with free interactive flashcards. Physical Factors that Affect Development . Development indicators are used to show a country's progress in a certain area and how it compares to that of nearby countries. It usually means economic change which improves people's standard of living. STUDY. INDICATORS OF DEVELOPMENT •As was discovered in the previous section on Development Issues, there are two distinct groups of countries , known as MED’s and LED’s. It is often described as multi-faceted: ther are many different aspects to it - social, cutural, political growth. The United Nations is one organization that uses development indicators as part of its work across the globe. PLAY. There could be physical factors or historical factors that are playing an important role in how developed a country is and how it is still developing. •In order to understand the distinction between LED’s and MED’s we will look at various ways of measuring development, as well as the various development indicators. The UN set Millennium Development Goals (MDG) at the turn of the century, and development indicators help measure performance over a period of time. Terms in this set (...) Development. Aggregative indicators of development must be supplemented by socially and territorially disaggregated indicators that could help understand the dynamics of development (or underdevelopment) better. Development Indicators CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE THE FULL RESOURCE Content:- Definitions of a range of social and economic development indicators.- The relationship between indicators (GNI per Capita and literacy). Uneven Development. This includes a scatter graph activity.- A detailed comparison of 2 countries to explain why they develop at different rates (Malaysia and DR Congo).-