To verify vaccine and chemical safety. 0000001864 00000 n Gene therapy is a technique that uses genetic material (a piece of DNA) for the long-term treatment of genetic disorders.1,2 This may involve delivering a copy of a healthy or therapeutic gene, repairing a faulty gene, and/or altering the degree to from the body) which a gene is turned ‘on’ and ‘off’. Protection of plants against nematodes :–Nematode, Meloidogyne incognita infects 2) What are the advantages of Molecular diagnosis technique? 0000004448 00000 n endstream endobj 53 0 obj<> endobj 54 0 obj<> endobj 55 0 obj<>/ColorSpace<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC/ImageI]/ExtGState<>>> endobj 56 0 obj[/ICCBased 70 0 R] endobj 57 0 obj[/Indexed 56 0 R 255 71 0 R] endobj 58 0 obj<> endobj 59 0 obj<> endobj 60 0 obj<>stream vi) Bioremediation. 7) Why should farmers in India cultivate GM crops? H���kPTe��gYdF��2�0G�!+�[�6C��3�P�5]�����4� %PDF-1.4 %���� 0000003913 00000 n In 1983, Eli Lilly, an American company prepared 2 DNA sequences coding for chains A & B. nations without proper authorization. The antitumor cytokine interleukin-12 cannot be used as a systemic treatment because of excessive toxicity. BIOTECHNOLOGY AND ITS APPLICATIONS CLASS 12 NOTES PDF DOWNLOAD . Eg- Flavr savr tomato. Ans – Potential risks- i)Products of transgene - allergic or toxic and 30 a. a respectively interconnected by disulphide bridges. 52 25 Protoxin (inactive toxin), which is converted to toxins in alkaline medium (i.e. produced against antigen of pathogen. Complementary RNA neutralizes the specific RNA of nematodes by a The marketing authorization of Glybera and Strimvelis by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) marked the end of the long and often troubled road of gene therapy from biological concept to medical practice. trailer 0000012231 00000 n 0000001217 00000 n 0000000796 00000 n iii)Can be diagnosed even if man, Insulin secreted as Prohormone containing C peptides that is removed during maturation. production. i) More tolerant to stresses (heat, cold, draught). `%^�:@�Q��~坑x(J��X��Agv�t�ڒ �0�M��ش� l��0�>3�i��� ������ď ��v| 0000001636 00000 n Act as dsRNA and initiates RNAi ( RNA interference) and silences the iii)Silence specific mRNA. 0000006414 00000 n Cotton Ans - Tolerant to stress,pest resistant,less post-harvest losses, increased mineral use Gene therapy is a collection of methods that allows correction of a gene defect that has been diagnosed in a child/embryo. in the gut of In rDNA technique, insulin could be generated by preparing two separate DNA sequences of A & B following methods: <<9F27440B3396434F97C6A02615930169>]>> Transgenic crops(GMO) :-Crops contain or express one or more useful foreign genes. industrial production of Bio-Pharmaceuticals and other useful products. x�b```�V6A��2�0p�``h�`p��8�o��L�s��8���z UM}��q��>���K�Nߞ(�7�F��TvŚk��-����5OX�y�=h.�]��դk�a+U�#�� ^Y��Qs,�H�s��A� �Yr-J,S�,��EֳFy�P�ӂ�鉲^ @����Vtt��gqq���h ���;����P;�ŤS)(S��T��6���@����F -� It is an artificial method that introduces DNA into the cells of human body. Sense) man. suspected AIDS, Cancer or genetic disorder. ii) No C-Peptides produced A crystalliane insecticidal protein that kills the the number of pathogens is very low. 'o�|AxH⃁I_j����JLb~�֙��.�$�b�|����;gz�2���� iv) Can endanger native species Gene Therapy By: Margherita Malferrari & Tiffani Mete Gene therapy can eliminate diseases that are passed on from generation to generation. 0000004917 00000 n Applications – i) Diagnostic & therapeutic ii) Genetically modified crops iii) Waste treatment iv) Energy production v) Food processing vi) Bioremediation. proteins (Crystal Protein-cry I AC, cry II AB). 6) Why do farmers face the problems in Agro chemical based farming? i) Accurate Specific genes (DNA) from nematodes introduced into the Eg- BT Gene therapy is a technique which involves the replacement of defective genes with healthy ones in order to treat genetic disorders. Human insulin consists of two short Polypeptide chains A & B being linked by disulphide bridges.In ii) Conventional breeding procedure do not ensure increased 0000005342 00000 n x�(?+y�T��C|�%�M��ٰ�ŧGn�r͇�����K�^�x��Ƨ. iv) Enhance nutritional value of food. Bt- cotton :- BT stands for Bacillus thuringiensis (Soil Bacteria). altered by manipulation. Five mark question applied a two-part strategy for patients with recurrent aggressive glioma. Gene therapy includes some of problems that the scientists are trying to solve: 1) Short-lived duration of gene therapeutic approch: before gene therapy can become a permanent cure for any condition, the therapeutic DNA introduced into target cells must remain functional and the cells containing the therapeutic DNA must be long-lived and stable. efficiency. coding for ADA. 5) How does agro bacterium help to increase Tobacco production? :u���8+h�C����%��p39�ڼ�p�C7����c�Ԝ�S��(���� +���o��#�]��m7��tݐ+�c')��>�@i�xE�:�"�p�t7��7�Ѕ�nZ�N�[�`+�hǎ�c��� J`�Ÿs*\�"4��ј�*E&Y���8��X��m����G�q�P;��x��lQ)U��K�UpyWIv���� ��� The simple process of gene therapy is shown in the figure below: In the figure, the cell with the defective gene is injected with a normal gene which helps in the … process called RNA Interference and parasite cannot live in transgenic host. during maturation. • Gene therapy involves correction of the gene defects in child or embryo. � �P�L��UV,},��������E���[email protected]�rj|G��W��l��� -ˆT���H|�`K�}�LCuCƤg���W��LH��niKus�%��Ƿ#���]=ܰ��q���lw��q�빊�>9��& 1Ё��P�C�'���=�is�ڈ��$emh�'E��v���O�WLJ��>(TzAGSgWS-�8&'3;v��]zX(]� ����������Gn�p:;��. Ans- i) Produces only A&B peptides insects.Hence cry-Genes have been introduced in plants to produce crystal proteins as effects.12 Gene therapy was studied in humans for the first time in 1990 — for children with SCID-ADA. Ans- i) Human insulin consists of 51 amino acids arranged in chains of A and B bearing 21 i) Too expensive 2. Ans- Anti coagulant obtained from transgenic Brassica napus. The patients first received gene therapy with a vector encoding human interleukin-12, injected into the tumor resection cavity. ]�آT2��� N ��&�)7�ʀoI����"��=�s�.���������w�W�n�Op�gx�Z�l��]��R��Ĝ����g�����\)�����ã��+jn�I��˹-"��3'n���)xlʥk/ �s�8��Mx�������ٯn}��s�8��������O�����}���6�_,��z'�$8^erRO�x&��O:Ѥ`8s�]j[h�� Copyright @ A free educational website for CBSE, ICSE and UP board. … 0000001297 00000 n 8)Explain the steps involved in the production of genetically engineered insulin? iii)No need to remove CPeptides ii) Cause damage to natural ii) Pest resistants GM crops, reduce the use of Chemical pesticides. eg.- Golden Rice (Vitamin A enriched). GEAC- For validity of GM research and the safety of introducing GM organism. i) Diagnostic & therapeutic 0 Early & accurate detection of diseases substituting conventional diagnostic tecniques may be done by Bacterium produces insects) and cause death of the insect larva. 0000019677 00000 n There are reports of patients still being alive two to eight years after receiving gene therapy for SCID in clinical trials.12 iv) Energy production Indian patent bill is there to prevent such unauthorized Gene therapy is an attempt to do this. �)62�V! 2. Some organizations and multinational companies exploit or patent bioresources of other 0000011379 00000 n Chapter 12 Biotechnology and its Applications, Chapter 2 Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants, Chapter 9 Strategies For Enhancement in Food Production, NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science Maths Hindi English Math, NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths Science English Hindi SST, Class 11 Maths Ncert Solutions Biology Chemistry English Physics, Class 12 Maths Ncert Solutions Chemistry Biology Physics pdf, Class 1 Model Test Papers Download in pdf, Class 5 Model Test Papers Download in pdf, Class 6 Model Test Papers Download in pdf, Class 7 Model Test Papers Download in pdf, Class 8 Model Test Papers Download in pdf, Class 9 Model Test Papers Download in pdf, Class 10 Model Test Papers Download in pdf, Class 11 Model Test Papers Download in pdf, Class 12 Model Test Papers Download in pdf. How do you get it? startxref iii) Waste treatment ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay) used to detect AIDS based on detection of antibodies ii) Genetically modified crops �^Adw���^�,+��3���������?�e�H�rqP.��bg��� > ����2�� > ����2�� > ����2�� > ����2�� > ����2�� > ����2�� > ����2�� > ����2�� > ����2�� > ����2�� > ����2�� > ���u�� > ����2C0�wA"�`|�A"T�=5�H|��w����L�F|�����">���*�C����+�E|�׵�Q�Izr�G��Gp�\��v������7���D|�Y��ӷ��X��ٯ/��u3�����Y��닌��]]zv��� ����c7�[��^ܘ4��� ���l�X��dU�h��ֹD|�]�S���yo�����|c��+�%Z���ذ 1. ��Mj'�B;�R�t$�d²�f�4e�S0{]6�-6u�m��,��s�gO�~�d���e[��u�VmS�~c�ٟ���� A ���J %%EOF Please send your queries to [email protected] you can aslo visit our facebook page to get quick help. 4)What is hirudin? plants using Agrobacterium tumifecians (soil bacteria). They are useful- iii) Reduced post harvest losses. ii)Production of dsRNA(Sense and anti- 12.2.2 Gene Therapy If a person is born with a hereditary disease, can a corrective therapy be taken for such a disease? iii) Weeds also become resistant To use proteins for treatment of disease. Trials have explored the use of, for example, retroviral vectors to deliver the ADA gene to patients with SCID-ADA.