The Yale shed and garage alarm has a very strong motion detection sensor. 1byone Wireless Driveway Alert Alarm System Infrared Motion Sensor Security 300M. after reading on this i see that motion is triggered by heat sensing. The Kingavon motion sensor alarm will cost you £6.99 to buy. Tiiwee A2 PIR Motion Sensing Garage Alarm – £36.99. The best option if you want to connect PIRs in multiple locations. Upgrade the home, office or a commercial building with a range of security options at Toolstation including full alarm systems, PIR sensors, contact alarms and many more to suit your security needs. well its summer and the garage is warm so i wonder if this conflicts with detecting human heat or should it still go off with motion alone? An alarm will alert you 10 seconds after a motion is detected, if the 4 digit pin code is not entered. any suggestions would be appreciated. The best garage and shed alarm you can buy. Choose a standard burglar alarm to alert you of intruders, such as the wireless burglar alarm with 1 million security codes and energy saving solar powered siren. This alarm is remote controlled. i put my motion sensor in my garage to cover a back door entry and entry from basement. It can be used as an alarm … It comes with two remotes. This alarm has a motion sensor that lets you know when cars, people or even animals are approaching- depending on which system you choose. You can be told when movement within your garage occurs with this alarm. The motion sensor is designed so as to be able to feel motion that is up to around a 6 meter area. i have tried to trigger the alarm it is not working. It comes with a motion detector and a door/window sensor, and can be deactivated by a four-digit code or an easy contactless tag. The Yale shed and garage alarm has the following features: You need to set a confidential 4 digit pin code, which should only be shared with your family. The alarm sounds when movement is detected. The tiiwee A2 Motion Sensor Alarm is a perfect all-in-one solution for many applications including securing your motorcycle in your garage.