This too is a callback, and one that actor Aidan Gillen reveals in our interview tonight (link at end of recap). Edit: I mean before, when they were both in the North together, why didn't she ever tell him she'd seen his sister alive and well?). Cersei offers to accept the truce until the dead are defeated — IF “Ned Stark’s son” stays neutral in the war. He wins out by beating his biggest detractor in a fight because he isn't hurt when the guy knees him in the groin. She tells him the reason she thinks she can’t have a child is because the witch who killed Drogo told her so. We'll leave the fancy marching to the armies and take to the cloudy skies. Cersei is embarrassed by her doofus ally. The sequence was shot at the ancient ruins of a Roman gladiatorial amphitheater outside Seville, Spain. EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, Michigan Economic Development Corporation BrandVoice, discussed the possibility that it was all a ruse. Oh yeeeaeah, Yara! Macall B. Polay/HBO. She does what he advises. He also confirms the key bit of news the show held back from last season’s Tower of Joy flashback — Jon’s father is indeed Prince Rhaegar. Filler, and worse than that, the kind of filler designed to screw with viewers in the most hamfisted of ways. Alliances are made, alliances are broken, a major character is executed, and a forbidden love is kindled in the season 7 finale of Game of Thrones. Somebody needs to buy Bran a T-shirt that says, “I’m the Three-Eyed Raven” so he can stop telling people this. So she’s also criticizing herself and her own fitness to rule. Can you imagine if it did not and these two just chatted about ravens and food? This is not Drogo sex, or Daario sex, or Ygritte sex. I spoke a bit with Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington about the Aegon reveal (Clarke’s reaction is really funny) and how they debated their “sexual chemistry” on the set. It can’t, right? Sam has a chat with Bran, who explains he’s now the Three-Eyed Raven. Plus there’s the whole incest thing. The Mountain is pretty unimpressively useless in defending her. I love how we're given this reveal at the exact same time as Jon and Dany finally start doing this: I was less fond of our first glimpse of Rhaegar. Dragonstone: Chronologically, I’m jumping around a bit, but I want to briefly discuss this scene with Jon Snow and Theon Greyjoy. This isn’t meant to be funny. He sits now beneath the Weirdwood tree in Winterfell. ALL THE CGI DRAGONS IN THE WORLD DON'T EXCUSE AN ENTIRE SEASON WITHOUT GHOST. Arya walks casually in front of Littlefinger and shows off how gracefully and effortlessly she can slash somebody’s throat. I'm also sad the next season is only six episodes long. This entire segment was riveting and glorious. Euron demands Theon surrender or he’ll kill Yara. There was no reason for him to leave the Vale, to sell off Sansa to the Boltons, to break faith with the Lannisters, or to stick around in the North after all was said and done. He betrayed Ned Stark, of course. This was a good time for Baelish to bow out. Even worse, it still baffles me what they hoped to gain out of this in the first place. Yet the 80-minute episode’s contemplative tone and masterful direction by Jeremy Podeswa gave every scene plenty of breathing room. This has to be why the official confirmation of Jon’s father’s name was saved for the finale — to maximize our conflict. I'll have a new one up soon. She’s his aunt! Game of Thrones has always been a heady mix of pain and pleasure, of good and evil, and here with this climactic intimacy, we get what we’ve long wanted while also feeling uneasy: a sense of pending tragedy. This time we're not flying somewhere, we're flying somewhen... We'll make a quick pit-stop on the way. It was nice to see some old faces either reunite or come into contact for the first time. I love the tag-teaming here. In any case, he'll always be Jon Snow to us, and I doubt the name "Aegon" will sit well with him. But as a man once said: The things we do for love. I hope Bronn joins Jaime on the road north. Cersei comes back in. Until now, he’s been able to straddle being supportive of her psychopathic selfishness and his need to retain pieces of his tattered honor. Winter has come to the south. He broke the only rule that she has. She just barely contains herself. It’s so hot! The first was Sandor confronting his brother. She never wants to miss an opportunity for vengeance — even if she’s dead. I maintain that both these things remain true, even after tonight's reveal. It means Jon Snow has no business being King in the North. “Will they survive the first episode of season 8?” is the question. Season 7. Watch Game of Thrones® season 7 episode 7 online. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. Together, they are literally the judge (Sansa), the jury who examined the evidence (Bran), and the executioner who carries out the sentence (Arya). Finally, finally, finally. I do like how Euron lied about taking his fleet back home as well. It’s going be a bit awkward for Jaime to meet Bran…but then again, every meeting with Bran is now awkward. He truly has Targaryen blood. Even if it had just been Daenerys going up there to see for herself (minus the capture-a-wight silliness) and the Night King had nabbed Viserion, that would have been fine. Cersei was never going to help them and never going to keep her word. Pod and Bronn off to have drinks! Oh, and Jon’s name isn’t even Jon! Even Daenerys is annoyed and she was the one pressuring him to bend the knee the whole season. The season 7 finale of Game of Thrones was one of the most important, insane, and ultimately satisfying episodes HBO has given us to date. What I liked less was how preposterous so many of the things leading up to it were, and how rushed this entire season felt. These two are in luuuuv. Sansa runs down his crimes: Littlefinger poisoned the Stark kids’ uncle and King Robert’s former Hand of the King Jon Arryn — which started this whole chain of events that led to war. Qyburn is intrigued like he’d love to have days with this down in his dungeon for some unspeakable things. They weren't twins. If you do that … well, what’s the point of living?