It is also the perfect dessert dip for birthday parties! This funfetti dip is such a “fun” way of having your favorite cake in the form of a tasty no bake dip, and sharing it makes it even more fun. Sprinkles: These are optional, but I love the rainbow color and crunch that sprinkles add. This confetti dip recipe calls for 1 cup cool whip. Problem solved, make funfetti cake batter dip and take it to a party to share. So fun! You won’t … It reminds me of the dunkaroo dip … Rich and creamy dip that tastes just like your favorite cake batter! Add in about 2 Tablespoons of the dry cake mix. Now, when you’re making this tasty cake batter dip … Funfetti Cake Batter Dip, or Dunkaroo Dip (for all my fellow 80s and 90s kids) is an extremely easy dessert dip to make, and it’s perfect for sharing with a huge group of people. How to make the funfetti dip… I could not stop eating this addictive no bake dip recipe. Funfetti cake mix: This is what gives that dip that yummy funfetti flavor. Funfetti Dip is perfect when you are craving something sweet.