It started shortly thereafter. @erict0928 It could be 3 things . Brown buds with sparkles and the rest of the branch with buds are still green. 1 Bud rot the worst . Tops Of Buds Turning Brown And Dying. Environmental issues like excess light and heat can burn plants and turn leaves brown. Here’s a quick summary. Fuchsia rust on upper surface of leaf The disease is is spread when the fungal spots mature and give off spores which spread to other leaves and plants by wind. But blooms are also falling off mine at the rate of about 5 or more a day. not smoke able unhealthy .2 natural die out . Yellow leaf spots. It begins with unassuming brown splotches only on the underside of leaves, making it difficult to detect. I m not saying your buds are molded, but you should beware of it because it happens. I've had a few buds turn brown and eventually mold because I didn't dry them enough prior to the cure. Also, the leaves look a bit puckered, not exactly wilted. Fuchsia rust on underside of leaf Where the plants are grown in the open it will normally appear from July to September but greenhouse fuchsias can be affected at any time of the year. This condition can affect the largest colas and therefore all affected buds should be removed ASAP to prevent the spread of the condition to other plants. Rust will not kill a plant but will make it look very unsightly and it would certainly not be eligible to enter a show. Aug 12, 2011 #14 canefan said: In this guide, we’ve looked at five of the most likely culprits causing your beautiful weed leaves to turn brown. Plants are blooming and growing buds (sparkles and hairs are present) and then over a course of 2 days, some tips of buds start going brown and look like they're dying. Fuchsias (Fuchsia spp.) The buds just sit on the plant, closed up, until they get old and drop off. I'm wondering if the 'City Lights' trademarked hybrids might be prone to this non-opening-bud problem. I have brown buds. Fuchsia rust is a disease caused by a fungus, Pucciniastrum Epilobii, that spreads by airborne spores and by hand after handling infected leaves. Over time, yellowish-orange spores develop on the under and top sides of the leaves, and they drop. means its went way to long past harvest time ,and will taste bad but smoke able .like dry hay . Thread starter VenturaKush; Start date Sep 6, 2011; Tags caterpillars fungus g-13 mold outdoor Sep 6, 2011 #1 VenturaKush New Member. I don't want to hijack Chris's thread, but we seem to have the same problem, even though our fuchsias are growing in different climates. I also have a new hanging fuchsia, a deep pink and white one, which is very bushy and covered with blooms and buds. If so, why … How to Force My Fuchsias to Bloom. I'm In My Sixth Week Of Flowering A G-13 Plant Outdoors In Southern California With All Fox Farm Products And I Have Found A Few Caterpillars Deep Inside The Buds. Fuchsia plants are usually best purchased in the early spring, before all the pretty flowers burst forth from their buds. I have so-so luck with my fuchsia's, but now, their flower buds are turning brown and dying before they even have a chance to bloom. Also, be sure and check for bugs, pests, and disease. Or your pict need’s to be closer so as to see if this is a natural color , very smoke able . Fuchsia rust (Pucciniastrum epilobii) is a fungal disease that overwinters as spores and infects the underside of fuchsia plant leaves. If so, it's not worth growing! can flower from early spring through fall in mild summer climates or as indoor potted plants. CanadianDank Well-Known Member. Deficiencies or toxic buildups of macro-nutrients in the soil can turn leaves brown and are harder to diagnose. I fed them Miracle Grow about a week ago, could this have something to do with it? When purchasing, make sure all the parts of the plant are fresh and juicy.