French pharmacies have long been a treasure trove of. L Laboratoires Servier‎ (9 P) S Sanofi‎ (3 C, 79 P, 1 F) Pages in category "Pharmaceutical companies of France" The following 19 pages are in this category, out of 19 total. ), $28.99, available at the French Pharmacy . Eau Thermale Avène Eau Thermale 50ml, £3.50, is a refreshing mist of thermal spring water that soothes and refreshes sensitive or aggravated skin, and even sets makeup. Where beauty is concerned, many have been using the same lotions and potions that have been sold for decades, as have their female relatives before them. 2. Eau Thermale Avène Over 20 million bottles have been sold since its conception in 1991, and its popularity isn't waning. Klorane You’d be hard-pressed to find an article about French beauty products without a mention of cult classics such as, Best French Pharmacy Beauty Products 2019, As adults, we’ve learned that slightly changing small habits can make a huge difference, especially in our beauty routines. 7. 3. La Roche-Posay The French Pharmacy. BiodermaMicellar water was invented by the French, and we're ever so grateful. The Normaderm range is made for oily skin, and products like the Vichy Normaderm Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care, £12, are non-comedogenic so they won't block pores. Klorane uses natural ingredients to create haircare products that are gentle yet effective. Embryolisse There are hundreds of these Para-Pharmacies in Paris.Selection and prices vary wildly between them. Soleil plaisir - SPF-30 corps, Darphin, 125ml, 33,90 euros . For beauty editors and skincare obsessives alike, a trip to Paris is not considered complete without a … French Pharmacy Biafine (6.5 Oz. Eau Thermale Avène uses thermal spring water from a spring that has been of dermatological interest since the 19th century with properties that treat atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and burns. The French Pharmacy offers the best of French skincare and French beauty carefully chosen and curated by founder Dr Marine Vincent, french docteur in pharmacy. Look out for new stories on the hour every hour from 7am-7pm and follow #BeautyUnbound on Twitter. With the help of research by, we've put together a rundown of the French pharmacy brands that you need to know, and the hero products that they're famous for. 8. The classic hair brand's René Furturer Complexe 5, £29, is a fortifying scalp treatment that boasts all natural ingredients, as well as a loyal following. With mineral-rich ingredients and targeted skin-health treatments, some French pharmacy products have reached cult status worldwide and have countless celebs singing their praises - mainly because they really work. Founded in 1962, long before some of the other well-known French pharmacy brands, SVR was created by two pharmacists to cater specifically for those with sensitive skin. French Pharmacy brings together all the beauty products from leading brands that are clean, gentle, effective & clinically proven for all skin types. Cofounder and CEO at the British Beauty Council, Millie Kendall agrees. Its innovations include Cellular Water , the high tech Intensif Hyaluronic duo and, of course, their iconic Bronz Repair suncare collection. If you struggle with sensitive skin, I urge you to try out some of its products, most notably the suncare. The brands available in our health and beauty store. Not to mention the ardour of devoted fans on social media – the packaging does give a #shelfie an undeniable dose of French chic. 4. Its concentrated formula contains aloe vera, shea butter, beeswax, stearic acid, mineral oil and water, making the moisturiser rich in antioxidants and thoroughly moisturising. You can now shop online all your favourite skincare, French beauty and French parapharmacy products in one place just like in Paris. A luxurious brand with health, beauty and well-being at its heart, Institut Esthederm is the new generation of French pharmacy skincare.