Whether your looking for French Oak Wine Barrels, American Oak Barrels, Hungarian Oak, or Re-Coopered Wine Barrels, The Vintner's Vault has what you're looking for! It is estimated that more than 5 billion white oak trees in USA cover a total of more than 200,000 square miles! Item is not eligible for free shipping. Just like old wooden ships left on land, they will need proper maintenance and care over time to become leak free. French Oak Wine Barrels for Sale – Now Buy Online . Barrels are produced, as in the olden time manually. No refunds are allowed on sales of living organisms such as yeast and bacteria. Recoop Barrels are available year round in Sonoma County in 60 gallon, as well as small formats such as 20 and 30 gallons. Which oak is used? They have got it down to a beautiful science. The first Rioja at the tasting was aged for 17 months in 100% new French oak with a … Available Sizes : Garbellotto French Oak Wine Barrel 225 Liter (59.4 gallon) Medium Toast. When Oak Barrels are restored at our cooperage, you’re doubling the life of the barrel, and bringing your price down to 1/3 – ½ of the price of a new barrel. It’s about Family – like Presque Isle, Tonnellerie Ô works exclusively with long established family-operated stave mills for whom quality and craftsmanship are marks of family honor. Viola---the Recoop quick hydration technique! Format – Tobacco / Chip / Stave / Dominoes. An oak barrel will only continue to give your wine that oak flavor for, at most, 8 fills. Take a virtual tour of Tonnellerie Ô and see Tonnellerie Ô at work in the video below. We also have the barrel tools your winery will need and a full range of oak alternatives. Members receive 15% OFF all items, everyday, for the entire year of their membership period.Click for details. Medium and Medium plus. At the same time, you may fill the inside of the barrel up to bung with water to rehydrate. Many variables are in play with oak aging. The best French barrels or American Oak barrels of the finest distilleries will leak if they are not cared for in one simple way. Oak from the northern forests, which lie along the same line of latitude as some of the great forests in France, offer a unique and elegant flavor profile. The proprietary system developed at Recoop® will remove between 1/4” and 5/8” of the inner surface of the barrel, depending on the barrel condition. Price per barrel is $1,000.00 plus the cost of shipping via freight. We provide authentic French Oak wine barrels at low prices to let you cut back on furniture expenses and spend more on food and drinks. At least twice their volume, the second year. The price of New French Oak Wood Wine and Cognac – Aging barrels. These trusted partners provide Tonnellerie Ô with high quality white oak seasoned for 24 months. Origin - American oak or French oak. An oak barrel can range in price from $900 all the way up to $2,000 depending on if it is made from American Oak or French Oak. Cost French Oak barrels cost a minimum of $850-$3600 a barrel, depending on quality. French Oak; Marsannay; Eastern European; Hybrid; Spirits; Build A Barrel. About 85% of a used or neutral barrel being retired from a barrel aging program is unused oak which has not been touched or saturated by the wine despite the long aging. PRE-ORDER FOR JULY 2021 - Marchisio Variable Capacity Stainless Wine Tank - TALL BODY - 26 gallons - 100 liters - 1/2 in. Today, each forest is nurtured sustainably to make sure the supply of this valuable natural resource endures for centuries to come. French oak – tree species in Europe is the raw material for the production of high quality barrels. 5 Gallon – (155.00 US $) – In Stock. Staves for the house selections come from ancient oak forests throughout northern and central France, nationally or locally-owned sites that have been carefully cultivated for centuries in order to produce oak of the highest quality. As an alternative to our French oak barrels, these are also available made of American White Oak, Caucasian Oak, Carpathian Oak, Acacia, Cherry Tree, Chestnut and Mulberry. Once the barrel is shaved, the cooper will typically use a hand planer for the final details such as the croze (the groove at the end of staves where the head attaches) before hoisting the barrels up onto racks and then toasting with a set of infrared burners. The more, the merrier. In our category of Used Barrels you will also find a large selection of different previously filled barrels: Red Wine Barrels, White Wine Barrels, Whisky Barrels, Sherry Barrels Need more information about this product, or have a suggestion for us? Make sure you barrel is always topped up, leaving it with empty voids inside the barrel can cause the wood to dry and shrink. The toast can be achieved at medium, medium-plus and heavy, and the fabulous aromatics released by the wood are perks of toasting. All our supplies are guaranteed for one year. Oak trees grow in forests throughout France, and each region offering its own nuances. IF YOU PICKED UP YOUR GOODS AT OUR PHYSICAL LOCATION, FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS. 10 Gallon – (195.00 US $) – email for availability Our Garbellotto Oak Casks come in almost any size starting 750 liters and larger. The Beverage People © 2016 All rights reserved. Standard shipping rates apply. Set the barrel down on its head with the other head face up. Oak from the Appalachian regions shows a more classic American oak character. Price per barrel is $550.00 plus the cost of shipping via freight. Some producers use only French or US barrels, others mix it up. Tonnellerie Ô also maintains long-time partnerships with family-run French mills that have been practicing their craft for generations. Also, you may additionally like to use the method provided to us by the manager of Recoop. This item is currently out of stock. Add to quote. First year barrels, will oak four (4) times their volume, the first year. It’s about Value– Tonnellerie Ô’s innovative process results in a compelling Price to Value ratio – artisanal quality without the artisanal price. Over the course of 30 years you can spend, at least, $4,500 replacing that barrel. Yeast is perishable and should be refrigerated on arrival. 8 Gallon – (160.00 US $) – In Stock. These partners provide you with staves of the highest quality, year after year. Curbside Pickup - Order by 10 AM, We Aim to Fulfill by 4 PM. Regional Selection Bordeaux Export Appalachian Blend 225 Liter/ 27 mm in Medium Toast. Most French oak barrels demand prices of at least $1,000, with some fetching upwards of $3,000/barrel depending on the quality. ReCoop® has specialized in barrel reconditioning since 1987 and The Beverage People has been their retail partner most of that time here in Sonoma County. The original toast and still one of our most popular products. Closed Mondays. 209 or via email at [email protected], Presque Isle Wine Cellars 9440 West Main Road North East, PA 16428, All Rights Reserved © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Tonnellerie Ô enjoys long-term relationships with family-run stave mills in Minnesota, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Both red and white wine barrels are available upon request, subject to availability. We have your premium French oak barrels in stock, and ready to supply you! With very hot water, fill the face-up head cavity (see picture above). The oak is grown in many different states, mainly the Midwest, Oregon and in the Appalachians. High impact toast with a slight smokey edge. It’s about Quality– like Presque Isle, Tonnellerie Ô is relentless about using only the finest quality oak and the finest quality cooperage artisans and equipment in their product. New 200L/53 Gallon French Oak, Cooper’s Select 24 Month Oak $ 885.00 Add to cart. House Selection Bordeaux Export 225 Liter/ 27mm- available in Medium Toast or Medium Plus. It’s about Experience and Trust– Presque Isle’s master winemakers and Tonnellerie Ô’s master coopers each have over a century of combined experience. Follow The Beverage People's Barrel Care Instructions here. Experienced coopers ensure that the used barrels are qualified for reconditioning by testing for leakage and signs of VA before the barrels are selected for restoration. 3 liter bag in box (10 lt standard barrel) - 52 € 5 liter bag in box (15 lt standard barrel) - 56 € 10 liter bag in box (20 lt standard barrel)- 59 € 10 liter bag in box (30 lt standard barrel)- 71 € We offer two different hybrid barrel types that combine the best characteristics of both French and American oak in a single barrel. Ideal for full bodied red wines. Port and Valve - TankToppr™ Airlock Riser, 1845 Piner RD Suite D Santa Rosa CA 95403. Large barrels/tanks: 1.000 liter-1.200 € 2.000 liter-2.400 € 3.000 liter-3.600 € 5.000 liter-6.000 € Barrels for bag in box.