Filter Plants height. from: to: Evergreen plant. This quick growing vine provides wonderful summer color. Freda Anemone Clematis is a lengthy 15 – 35 ft. summer bloomer. MONTANA Group Anemone Clematis 'Freda' Clematis montana 'Freda… Freda Anemone Clematis … В суровые зимы может подмерзать и … Нуждается в защищённом тёплом месте. from: to: Frost resistance zone. A spectacular Clematis with 3-inch anemone-like flowers. Full to partial … Anemone Clematis 'Freda' Plant name. It’s flowers are truly “pretty in pink” and will cover the tops of the new spring growth in a carpet of blooms. Mark unread; Skip to new; Mark unread Print Skip to new. Oct 2, 2017 - Сильнорастущая и обильноцветущая лиана. The flowers of this clematis … More. Florida Sieboldii Clematis grows 6 – 10 feet and blooms throughout June, July and August. Anemone Clematis 'Freda' Clematis … Its stems grow 20-25 feet long making it a great choice for arbors. Цветки мелкие, вишнёво-розовые с тёмными краями. from: to: Annual growth. Anemone Clematis 'Freda' (Clematis montana) Watch Reply. Freda Anemone Clematis has sweetly fragrant, deep pink anemone-like flowers. GardenGuyKin Portland, OR(Zone 8a) Apr 11, 2013. Deciduous. Sepals are deep cherry-pink with darker margins that cover the unique, bronze-cast foliage throughout the summer.