All approximately 1 - 1 1/2 inches. Yes! My Red is about a foot long while my Tiger is very small 3 inches. Worst of all is that people fork out good money for these impostor feeds when they really could be spending less on a high-quality homemade option. Plus a wide variety of artificial coloring and preservatives. So then there really is NO best Flowerhorn food but the best is a combination of top quality dry Fish foods, vegetables, crustaceans, and insects. Although consumed at a lesser rate, these cichlids also need plant material to survive. I am thrilled to find a homemade recipe I just really hope to find all the right stuff to make it. I'm having some trouble. It seems like a lot, but the food lasted a solid 9 months. One is brilliant blue with 3 yellow spots on it's anal fin. If you're like myself and pooped a sideways brick after hearing everything aforementioned, it's time for a change. A more complete diet helps aid in a happier and healthier life for your fish. Colors are enhanced greatly! This article will touch on the woes of commercial feeds, highlight cichlid nutritional needs, and also provide recipes for homemade cichlid food. In theory, this all sound great, but the reality is that these are just marketing schemes set forth to make you believe that you are using a premier product. Please be sure to check out these other fine cichlid articles: If you're also interested in making all natural flake food, be sure to check out Making Flake Fish Food. In small spoonfuls, add the blended mixture to simmering agar agar. Yes, I am dead serious. Flowers need food, water, and a clean environment. Pulse and incorporate well. Zach (author) from Colorado on January 03, 2013: It sounds like you have the right plan. I am 100% certain one is a yellow lab. Generally speaking, cichlids belonging to these regions typically consume higher amounts of animal proteins. Two are yellow. Invertebrates, insects and smaller fish constitute for a large percentage of their diet. Bring four cups of water to a simmer in a large pot. One aspect of cichlid care has always troubled me, though, and that is the food. Homemade Cichlid Food Thawing for Feeding. In fact, some African cichlids are herbivores and altogether do not consume animal proteins (Mbuna cichlids). I have a new tank for when it is safe to add them together. Before you jump into any old fish food recipe, it's extremely important to understand the dietary differences between the two main types of cichlids. Place in cup and add room temperature water. To give you an example, I spent $30 to make the American Cichlid recipe. Both of the recipes above will follow the same process. Having worked in a tropical fish store and cared for a variety of cichlids myself, I can definitely vouch for how unique and rewarding these fish can be. Two blue ones. More pigments = More color. Trim those stems. Clean any uneaten food from the tank after 2 minutes. Clean any uneaten food from the tank after 2 minutes. I have a 'Lake Malawi Mix" that I got from the LFS. Sometimes, you’ll get a... 2. Once the mixture has been completely added and there are no visible chunks of set agar agar, pour the liquid food onto shallow baking trays. Deceived by the "premium" or "complete nutrition" labels that accompany commercial foods, cichlid owners are wrongly led to believe that they are providing the best for their fish. Well, if you guessed filler material, you couldn't be more correct. Take out as many cubes as your fish will be able to completely eat in 1-2 minutes time. Food? Dissolve agar agar completely. So why in the world is it in fish food? (Add too much at a time and the agar will set too fast!). You'll have a thick paste that can then easily be worked into the agar agar without much issues at all! just wondering how you go about blending the mix. Seriously? The agar will set up very quickly, so be sure to add small amounts of your food mix and allow the agar to warm again before adding more. Homemade cichlid food is the only way to control and guarantee the quality of food that you will be serving up to your fish.