They love to live in an area that is clean and tidy. The size of tank will depend upon the size of the Flowerhorn. Just have a look at nay Flowerhorn and you will understand what makes them so special in the eyes of fish lovers. Like if the natural color of the fish is blue and you are trying hard to make it develop red color the result can be something that you didn’t expected. Thus, always make sure that you are trying hard to enhance the natural color of the fish and not trying to develop any color that is not in it. There are very few choices when it comes to this food fish. A Flowerhorn is aggressive and territorial fish and thus try not to keep other fishes with the Flowerhorn they may not like it. They have won many hearts since they were first bred. When you want to enhance the color of a blue-based Flowerhorn head to get some Spirulina. Finally, the food you feed them is most important. You should also be careful about sudden darkening of the color of the Flowerhorn. There are different Flowerhorns with different color variation. How to Breed Over Aggressive Flowerhorn Fish In this article, you will find proven breeding tips for an overaggressive flowerhorn fish. For juveniles, protein content should be at least 35% of weight. Using the right food in enhancing flowerhorn head growth is important too. Other well-known colors are orange, blue, yellow and silver. The best way to decorate as well as give the fish a good environment to live is decorating the floor of the tank with pebbles and rocks, glittery stones and colored stones. Their brilliant and vibrant color and won the heat of many and once you have a look at them they are going to astonish you with their beauty. The water should also be kept clean as if there is dust and other particles then they may be the cause of any disease. All you need to know is learn about which food should be fed for enhancing which color best. This is mainly used for enhancing the red and orange colored Flowerhorns. Even the age of the Flowerhorn has its role to play when it comes to their color. Being the owner of the fish your aim should be to enhance the natural color of the fish first. During the development stage, it is best to keep each cichlid with a particular tank. Artificial lighting that is used for decorating the tank should be avoided for prolonged period. If you do not get any do not worry and try to look for fish food that are mainly for the gold fish. There are different colors of Flowerhorn and it should be noticed that when the color is enhance nothing is forced on the Flowerhorn. There are different fish food available in the market that contains astaxanthin and some of them are Alife, XO Ever Red, XO Super Red Syn, and Cyclop Flowerhorn Food. On the contrary, when your Flowerhorn gets ample amount of direct sunlight throughout the day you can find it is developing natural brilliant colors naturally. This may have any off effect on their growth. There are ways by which you can enhance the colors and make them look more vibrant. The beauty of the Flowerhorn does not depend upon the size of the nuchal hump only but also on other factors. You can buy any one of these but before that, it is better if you conduct your own research on which of these will be good for the Flowerhorn. When you feed the fish with those fish food the color of the fish enhances. The best temperature is between 27-29°C. Not only that it will lose its beauty it can have some allergies and in the worst case the fish may even die. When they were bred they had been done so from different colorful species of tropical fishes. The basis of having brilliant vibrant color is that the Flowerhorn should have good growth and a healthy body. The lines colors should also be enhanced. It is derived from different kinds of natural sources like shrimps and krills. Later they gain regain the color. After the first Flowerhorn was developed there were many more researches done and now there are different types of Flowerhorns with different kinds of patterns and colors. Thus, just do not try out everything without noticing the type of Flowerhorn you have. It’s not only that feeding wrong color enhancer will turn the fish dark, but there can be some other causes too. 1.Set the floor of the breeding tank along with thoroughly clean gravel and load it with water. Much has already been discussed about the ideal temperature that must be maintained in the Aquarium. Here are a few tips that will help you while you work on enhancing the colors of the Flowerhorns: Before you know about enhancing the color of the Flowerhorn it is important to learn about its natural color. You may have to wait for three months or more before you start noticing any change after feeding the Flowerhorn with Spirulina based food.