Not every day is the same for flight nurses who work in non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT). Travel nurses’ responsibilities may differ depending on who they work for. (Definition and Explanation). This makes the occupation much more desirable for nurses. Flight nurses work 24-hour long shifts and usually work 6 to 8 shifts a month. What Is Trendelenburg Position And Reverse Trendelenburg Position? When transporting patients from one medical facility to another, flight nurses and their teams must first collect any necessary paperwork, such as medical charts or physician instructions. They can either work for public hospitals or private healthcare facilities. A flight nurses’ schedule is a lot different than that of a travel or registered staff nurse. It is  very typical for travel nurses to get less favorable shift scheduling. Flight nurses with Flying Angels have trained in flight physiology, and have extensive experience in air travel and the complexities involved getting through the check-in process, security, and customs & immigration for international flights. People hire a company like Flying Angels so a flight nurse can travel with their loved one. If the travel nurse works in the hospital and they fulfulfilling a regular nurse’s workload then their hours can be very similar to that of a regular staff nurse. So, what does a flight nurse do on a typical day? How Much Does A ER Nurse Make? Where Do Registered Nurses Work These Days? A flight nurse is also known as a transport nurse who is responsible to keep patients stable until the aircraft reaches the hospital. Flight nurses will review the case file of that day’s patient beforehand. The occupation is quite demanding for a regular staff nurse. #airlines #airtravel #covidtravel ... See MoreSee Less, Air Travel for the elderly in the time of Corona. Stay healthy this Thanksgiving.#Thanksgiving #Thanksgiving2020 ... See MoreSee Less, Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Linked InShare by Email, One of the best kept secrets in elderly healthcare services.Aging Life Care Association #aging #aginggracefully #agingwell #SeniorCare ... See MoreSee Less. If you do 24's, you usually average 2 shifts a week so it gives you time to do a hospital or other second job to supplement the generally lower wage you make as FN compared to a hospital nurse. That healthcare facility put in a request to be assisted by a travel nurse, anticipating that their patient load would be too much for their staff. Flight nurses could see overtime as well. NEMT involves the transportation of patients who require or desire medical assistance when traveling on scheduled flights on commercial airlines like Delta, United, Lufthansa, etc… both domestic and international. Their shifts are long because they deal with a lot of emergencies, critical care situations, and long aircraft rides. It was a pleasure to talk about the safety of Air Travel during the age of Covid on Knowledgeable Aging. 7 Practical Reasons Why Nurses Wear Scrubs, 10 Essential Tips For Nurses Working The Night Shift, How To Become A Flight Nurse – Requirements, Training, Certification, How Much Does A Flight Nurse Make – Flight Nurse Salary Facts, Travel Nursing 101 – Travel Nurse Career Guide, How Much Does A Travel Nurse Make – Travel Nurse Salary Facts, Gerontological (Geriatric) Nursing – Job Description, Respiratory Practitioner or Therapist – Job Description, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (Definition And Explanation), Advanced Life Support (Definition And Explanation), Basic Life Support Certification (Definition And Explanation), Critical Care Nursing 101 – Job Description And Career Guide, Emergency Medical Services (Definition And Explanation). Travel nurses have traveled from their homes (wherever “home” might be) to fulfill a nurse shortage at that particular organization. | What is an Aging Life Care Professional? Before departing home, will make sure they have any specialty medical equipment needed for the flight such as specialty reclining wheelchairs, oxygen equipment, suction, nebulizers, etc….