We reserve the right to revoke any stated offer, cancel orders, and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions in any stated offer or price, including after an order has been submitted and whether or not the order has been confirmed and your payment processed. We take no responsibility for user-initiated damage and/or loss of parts incurred during operation or use of the product. Hi Phil, Second of all, two devices have a wire issue after one month, the head set stopped working, if I swap the mic – it works. We only have K031B on sale. As for the single-use batteries, Amazonbasics is the better deal. A defective item is one that is inoperable but has no apparent damage. If so, I request that a replacement unit be shipped to me. Having read your description, I still don't know what the problem you come across is. Then please send an email to webfifine.cc our after-sales team will help you out. 95. Please turn down the volume and Yes if you want to have a try, check out the link below. I’ve been streaming videos that are up to an hour long and sometimes the lapel mic is good, often it becomes crackly, garbled and unintelligible, even not working at all. Notice: Whether a product is defective depends the info that customer provides (pictures and recording). Battery-powered and fool-proof setup save lots of work. 95. Q: What if tracking info indicates the package was received but I haven't actually receive it? If you’re going to play music and use the microphone at the same time, I think you basically just need a vary basic two-channel mixer where at least one channel is for the music, the other is for your microphone. If you need the link to download the driver, please follow the suggestions below. Please message us as soon as possible so that we can correct the address or cancel the order. Though you still can email us for assistance on repairing or replacing components. 5.If it responds, but you still don't hear audio from PC, have you select correct output device (computer or the mic) under system and software setting? But if buyer decides to return them all, we will charge, FIFINE K031B Wireless USB Computer Lapel Microphone with Headsest for Fitness Class, Conferencing, The USB connection makes for a simple setup with. When I play back there is a hissing noise in the background. Windows: Go to control panel→Sound setting→Recording Device→right click “USB PnP Device”→Properties→Levels. I recently purchased the Mic-K031B and was told that it supported up to 60 ft in range. 1 x Headset Microphone. Shipping cost is free when your order weighs below 1.51 kg. Hi @Blessing, Sorry about the issue, since you have contacted our support email, our after-sales staff should take care of your case. With a response from Post Office through your contact, confirming that package is missing, we will do a refund on the product price. Can it be something else? That's kind of weird. Hope it will be fixed soon! Batteries are fresh. Originally I was unable to hear or use the mic, but doing the reset step (press set 10 times so that 564 was displayed and then plug in the USB adapter and press set again) was able to make the mic feature functional. Q: Does K031/K031B wireless lapel mic work with phones? Could you bother to use the lav mic to record an 1-minute MP3 files (with computer input set at 80% and speaking range at 3-5 inches), including 30s of speaking and 30s of keeping silent? I don’t notice or know until I review and play back. Please be sure to use the original box, and the shipping carton and its packing material to ship the item back (the item is returned in the same condition as it was when shipped). Buy Fifine Technology Lavalier/Headset Cardioid Wireless Microphone Public Address from Kogan.com. If you wish to return a product, please contact us. 2. For particular speaker model and use environment, below is the info for reference. Q: How to use multiple microphones on one computer? I was thinking perhaps high-powered rechargeables would be a better alternative. If you just simply plug the lav microphone into the Audio Interface, sorry that it won’t work. SKU: K031BRecording tutorial video cannot be any easier Headphone jack on USB dongle serves as an external sound card for audio output or monitor. Next, if you still haven't received package, please call and email the local post office. FIFINE K031B Wireless Microphones for Computer USB Wireless Microphone System for PC & Mac,Headset UHF Wireless System with USB Receiver,Transmitter,Headset and Clip Lavalier Lapel Mic; 95. 95. Delivery covers UK, CA and US (APO/FPO address is not included). 8.If computer sees it as unknown device, have you test out on a different computer? Plug & Play with PA speaker, guitar amplifier, mixer and digital recorder (any device that allows 1/4″ mic input). Sorry that it can’t do the job that one USB receiver supports two transmitters. Only if 564MHz showsup and the screen flashes, then the reset of transmitter part succeeds. Galaxy pa5X140 … 7.If reset doesn't work, before reset, are all units, If computer sees it as unknown device, have you test out on, In order to give adequate sound, that Bluetooth speaker should be more than 25 watt. View online or download Fifine W9 Manual I have a FIFINE wireless microphone lapel mic(K031B). The sound is fine and then sometimes in the middle of a sentence while speaking it just chops out. A: Please follow the steps below to return a product: Q: After I have returned a product, when will I see the refund in my account? And if it is not returned to sender successfully, we have no responsibility for issuing a refund or replacing the package. I will try a replacement one more time before I spent my money else where. I have confirmed that the default audio device for both recording and playback each is the USB PnP Audio device. Did you have the sound go through the speakers attached to the computer? I have used two sets of fresh batteries and tested on two different Windows 10 PCs (and rebooted one of them) with the same results. Sorry about the issue, since you have contacted our support email, our after-sales staff should take care of your case. hidden mic under your clothing but will be impressed by its clear sound! Hi @Kim, Hi @Monica, A: In order to give adequate sound, that Bluetooth speaker should be more than 25 watt you can find a power bank to supply power for receiver and an audio cable to connect USB receiver with speaker. Hi Rizwan, A: FIFINE MICROPHONE offers Free Return within 30 days, counting from the date when the tracking info shows delivered. Buy Wireless Microphones for Computer, FIFINE USB Wireless Microphone System for PC and Mac, Headset UHF Wireless System with USB Receiver, Transmitter, Headset and Clip Lavalier Lapel Mic-K031B. Ship your unused product, in its original packaging, to the address identified in our email. What if I provide the wrong/I want to change the shipping address? Check out with 10% discount code: FIFINECYBERMONDAY (will expire on 11/30 11:59 PM CST). Order Placed: October 8, 2020 During reset: does screen blink and 564MHz appear? I have a FIFINE wireless microphone lapel mic(K031B). They will have more info than we can see online. But for use with speaker/camera for speech/filming,  FIFINE, With the appropriate USB adapter, it will work with an. The wireless feature comes in handy when you want to film at a distance from your phone and minimize background sound as much as possible. I have turned all wifi equipment off on my computer and cell phone in proximity while recording. i am just getting base voice. If you use Mac, just create an aggregated device by using MIDI Audio setup. A: We process your order as soon as we receive it. If you find out the incorrect before receiving the delivery notification. Could you please provide more detail info? Sorry about the issue. And we will deduct the original shipping fee from the refund total. But it does not cover bulk purchase (more than three), intact item, item ordered by mistake. Q: Will this work with a Bluetooth speaker? And buyer is responsible for the shipment back to FIFINE local factory. But you can pair each system first, then plug in each USB into computer and do the setup in computer and software. Is the output sound not high enough? The over the ear mic is still working. First off plz test the mic on another computer to confirm the K031B isn’t defective. Check out with 15% discount code: FIFINEBLACKFRIDAY (will expires on 11/27 11:59 PM CST). But if buyer decides to return them all, we will charge a restocking fee of 30% of the order total. Gig preparation could not be any easier. View and Download Fifine W9 manual online. 95. Assistance with this matter of getting playback functional as well would be appreciated.