Don't put a Fender Mustang bridge on a Jazzmaster or a Jaguar. If you could only have one, would you rather have a Fender mustang or jaguar? 06.04.2015 23:14 Don’t Call It A Comeback: Muse, Blur & Faith No More. The bridge has different, non-height adjustable saddles that some people prefer, and will fit on the Jaguar/Jazzmaster bridge. Fender Mustang bass vs. Jaguar Bass, what are the main differences? Housed on the pick guard of each guitar are two separate … Fender Jaguar vs Jazzmaster – Deciding on the Best. Guitar Planet grades the creative comebacks from three iconic artists who are attempting to give 2015 a much-needed injection of impetus. It sucks, and I'll tell you exactly why. Here is the side view of a Mustang bridge on a Jazzmaster. Different trem - awkward to set up and not very stable, a lot of people lock them down - but sustains a bit better than the Jaguar. Owing some roots to the Jazzmaster, it was introduced in 1962 as Fender's feature-laden top-of-the-line model, designed to lure players from Gibson. The only further differences in the Squier vs. Fender Mustang models are in aesthetic. One of the first elements we are going to take a look at in terms of the Fender Jaguar vs Jazzmaster is each instrument’s specific build. I was wondering if someone were to list for me the major pros and cons of both guitars, I am interested in buying one. The Fender Jaguar is an electric guitar by Fender Musical Instruments characterized by an offset-waist body, a relatively unusual switching system with two separate circuits for lead and rhythm, and a medium-scale 24" neck. Mustang - 22-fret, 24" scale. The Fender models tend to have a been more of a “finished” look, while the Squier models might have some “rough” bits, particularly around the frets. Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by michaelstrand, Sep 16, 2012. For a while now I've heard that putting a Mustang bridge on a Jazzmaster or a Jaguar makes the guitar "so much better," so I bought one. Meaning, the choice of finish color and knobs used. Thin body.