The primary message on point is the introduction of the new Fender American Professional line of guitars and basses, so let’s cut to the chase and talk about what’s new. When the Jazz bass came into production in the 1960s, it had a thinner neck profile than the P-Bass and the new Fender American Pro series reflects this nicely. The Successor to the American Standard, the Fender American Professional Series is in stock at Port Mac Guitars. Fender American Pro Precision Bass in Sunburst. The American Professional series replaces the American Standard series, and the bass lineup consists of 4-string and 5-string fretted Jazz Bass and Precision Bass models, as well as a fretless 4-string Jazz model. I think the V-mod pickup was the only flaw in the American Professional while everything else was great. They appear to have originated with some Fender stockists who told customers that the range is being ‘killed off’. New guitars, new colors – doesn’t get much better than that. The new Jazz has a really comfortable slim modern C neck profile – great for nailing those speedy Joe Dart-esque funk licks down. The American Professional Jaguar, for instance, once available in Olive Green … If a historically accurate American Vintage Strat rated a 9.5 on this imaginary spectrum, the new American Professional Strat would get about a 7.5. Unique style, feel and flexibility are going to make both of these models instant favorites. Fender American Professional II… Fender Musical ­­Instruments Corporation (FMIC) released the all-new American Professional II series, the second generation of its flagship electric guitars and basses. New Colors. At least, if the Am Pro is on its way out, I hope Fender are going to swap the V-mod pickup for something better. Regret having sold it last year. Rumours have been building up online for a few months now that Fender is axing the AP series. It’s true. Fender’s new American Professional Series introduces two new “left of center” models, the Jazzmaster® and Jaguar®. I owned a 2014 American Standard P with CS62 pickup and it was great with flatwounds. American Professional Series: Axe the axe? While Fender’s US page for the American Professional series still displays Jazzmaster, Stratocaster, Telecaster and Jaguar models, there’s a smaller selection of finishes left available. The fact is the professional series … They are getting discontinued. With an all-new modern-sounding V-Mod Pickups, New Finishes, a "Deep C" Neck Profile and more, the Fender American Professional Series is perfect for players of all levels who want a truly professional instrument. The fender rep mentioned there will be new pick ups for the new professional series and making a couple of small changes too.