Harvard University: … 1 – 30 2. The aim of the programme is to emphasize the family and community perspective of patient care in the home environment. ... normocytic ,normochromic anaemia and shooting ESR• Discuss the case and make a plan 47. The patient-centred case presentation. The presentation of case histories is an important part of medical education, socialization and research. CLINICO-SOCIAL CASE PRESENTATION University of Medicine (1),Yangon PSM Posting Group 5, Sub-groupA Roll No. A cross-sectional descriptive study was done among 66 final year medical students using a questionnaire. Rashida Saif ; St Josephs Childrens Hospital; 2 Chief Complaint . AccessMedicine electronic textbook. Author information: (1)Department of Family Medicine, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada. At this point, you may wish to include more details than you might have time to present, prioritizing the content later. Common Clinical Cases: a Guide to Internship. It is the job of the presenter to share the pertinent facts of a patient’s case with the other members of the medical care team and establish a clear diagnosis and treatment plan. Color Atlas of Family Medicine. Book can be requested via OhioLINK . Family Case Study (CFCS) programme as part of the training for medical students. 8 month old girl with vomiting for one day; 3 History of present illness. Title: Case Presentation 1 Case Presentation. Grand Rounds - A Case Report Journal for the Internet. The students were in the 10th Semester and had completed their Community and Family Case … Core Clinical Cases in Medical and Surgical Specialities: a Problem-solving Approach. Freeman TR(1). Diarrhea ; Fever ; Vomiting ; Rhinorrhea and nasal congestion ; Decreased oral intake ; Decreased urine output ; Irritability ; 4 History of present illness. i. FAMILY MEDICINE• STRUCTUREPresence, access,continuity• PROCESS EBM• OUTCOMEPrevention , health promotion 9. Case Presentation. Book can be requested via OhioLINK. See textbook tab in AccessMedicine. At its core, an oral case presentation functions as an argument. FORTHIS CLINICO-SOCIAL CASE, Case taking: Done by the whole sub-group Presenter: Kyaw San Lin (RN - 21) Computer: KayYu San (RN- 4) KKThwe Sunn (RN - 1) Kyaw San Lin (RN - 21) Pamphlet: KKThwe Sunn (RN - 1) Medscape CME Case Presentations September 12, 2012 A 43-year-old man presents with abdominal pain, severe intermittent headaches, subjective fever, chills, weakness, reduced appetite, and a 30-lb weight loss over the last few months. History. The case report should be chronological and detail the history, physical findings, and investigations followed by the patient's course. 1.