Trust the Lord Bible Verses Can you trust the Lord during a crisis in your life? Some are global - tsunamis, earthquakes, or terrorism. Jun Lee, a Catholic from South Korea, prays in front of an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe at St. James Cathedral in Seattle on March 12, 2020. Faith in the time of Coronavirus. Bold, winsome and biblical, Faith in a Time of Crisis is a much-needed call for faithfulness to the gospel of Christ and the word of God in a rapidly changing world. Yes, there is a safe place…for those who place their faith and hope in God, through repentant faith in Jesus Christ. Trust the Lord in Times of Crisis. The most important thing to do in times of crisis is to lift our gaze from the fear-breathing circumstances and to … Do you trust the Lord? The Bible gives some great scripture in coping with a crisis. This type of faith looks and waits for the expected answers before releasing control. Do you struggle to keep the faith in a time of crisis? Come share your experience and ways to trust God more in the comments and let’s help and encourage each other. Imagine that: two strangers working together to help each other to make it through a crisis. As a result, danger can lurk anywhere, at any time. Episodic faith is conditional, rhetorical, and time stamped, as we move through event to event. But the answer is also Yes. Others are local - cancer, divorce, bankruptcy, or the death of a loved one. Experiencing God in Times of Crisis From the series Finding God When You Need Him Most Crises are a part of life. After registering its first Covid-19 case, Rwanda put in place measures to curb the spread of the virus, among which, places of worship, and other large gatherings were temporarily suspended. We like to talk about how smart we are and how capable we are, but as soon as things get too difficult, then we want to deride God’s power and authority. It deals with trusting the Lord. Episodic faith has a plan B for God’s lack of immediate response to our dilemmas. Below are 16 verses that deal with trusting the Lord during difficult times. Episodic faith moves in rational time and is linear in its nature. Faith in time of crisis. There is no place on this planet where we are 100% safe.