A faith community nurse is an experienced, actively licensed registered nurse (RN) who has completed specialized professional nursing education focused on intentional care of the spirit in the faith community setting. We travel to where people work, pray and play to connect patients to care when they might not be able to get to the doctor on their own – or even know where to start when they have a health need. Billing, Financial Assistance & Insurance, Patient Rights, Responsibilities & Non-Discrimination, Medical Exercise & Silver Sneakers Program, The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis, The 2014 Revision by the International Parish Nurse Resource Center, The Faith and Community Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice (ANA/HMA, 2012), Answering questions about a diagnosis, medical treatment, medication, or procedure, Coordinating a treatment plan given by a doctor, Visiting homes, hospitals, or convalescent facilities as needed to check on the health status of members, or for bereavement, Accompanying a member to their doctors appointment to be a "second set of ears", Staying with a member during surgery if family is not available, Helping a member prepare for his/her next doctors appointment, Providing referrals to community agencies. The roles of a Faith Community Nurse This certificate program is designed to prepare RNs to serve effectively in their faith communities. The conceptual model for faith community utilizes four major concepts: the spiritual dimension, professionalism, wholistic health, and community. The program was designed using the Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Curriculum (2019) developed through the Westberg Institute for Faith Community Nursing… Congregational benefits include allowing the church to reaffirm its role in ministering to the whole person--body, mind, and spirit, enhancing the ability of the church to respond to the health needs of the congregation, thereby impacting the wellness of the faith community. Faith Community Nurses share their gifts and strengthen their faith communities by helping others to maintain and/or regain wholeness in body, mind and spirit. Faith-based nursing programs focus the student on being able to connect with patients on a deeper level within an excellent clinical practice environment. The FCN Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Curriculum is based on: Faith Community Nursing Course Registration. Our Team is ready to assist individuals in the community with access to care, health education, physician visits, and even assist with tasks such as signing up for health coverage and exploring advanced care planning. The Faith Community Nursing program offers a unique partnership between two healing entities; our hospitals and the faith community. The purpose of faith community nursing is to nurture the human spirit through health education, spiritual support and linking the needs of the whole person to resources within the congregation, community and health care system. Completing a basic preparation course lays the necessary foundation for successful health ministry. Faith Community Nursing Program. FCNN is an interfaith, service organization founded in 2004 by faith community nurses for faith community nurses. Faith community nursing is identified as a specialty nursing practice that combines professional nursing and health ministry. They are knowledgeable in two areas – professional nursing and … Responsibilities of a Faith Community Nurse may include: Recognized as a specialty by the American Nurses Association, a Faith Community Nurse is a spiritually mature, professional registered nurse, called and committed to the healing ministry of the the church. Most students seeking a religious program and looking to infuse their values and beliefs with their practice. Faith Community Nursing (FCN) is the specialized practice of professional nursing that focuses of the intentional care of the spirit as well as the promotion of wholistic health and prevention or minimization of illness within the context of a faith community. Phone: (309) 282-1600 Shenandoah University’s Eleanor Wade Custer School of Nursing is proud to support the role of Faith Community Nurses in our community by offering our innovative program with The Foundations of … Get Directions. Faith Community Nurses partner with clergy and healthcare organizations to advocate for the health and well-being of the congregation. Faith Community Nurses partner with clergy and healthcare organizations to advocate for the health and well-being of the congregation. In the spirit of Christ and the example of Francis of Assisi, the Mission of OSF HealthCare is to serve persons with the greatest care and love in a community that celebrates the Gift of Life. OSF Care-A-Van is a mobile health center staffed by members of OSF HealthCare and its Faith Community Nursing program. While the focus of the program is on preventative healthcare, some of the ways members are helped to lead healthier lives is through education, screenings and referrals to community resources. Growing in space and harvest each year, St. Ann’s Garden of Hope is a place where people gather to celebrate life, build friendships, beautify their neighborhood and promote good nutrition by growing healthy food for people who live in the area. To learn more about establishing a Faith Community Nursing program in your congregation, call (309) 282-1692. Faith Community Nurses perform different services, based on the congregation’s needs. Peoria, Illinois 61603 The Faith Community Nursing program offers a unique partnership between two healing entities; our hospitals and the faith community. 600 Northeast Water Street